Superbike VS. Supermoto

(have posted this in multiple places on forum as I dont know where it best suits?!)

Hi All,

Put this out on another forum but thought I should see what you think as been as you are all from London.

I am thinking of chopping my GSXR in for a SUMO of some sort. Prob a Husaberg or something.

Do you think this could be:

a. Cheaper running costs in the long run
b. better for commuting around the city
c. Better for me to ride due to be a newbie rider

I just dont think I am doing what the GSXR is capable of and to use it just as a commuting bike seems a bit like I am depriving it of some sort lol.

I really dont want to get the normal GS500 or ER6 for commuting as I want something to have fun on too.

What you guys think?

Not sure if this thread is still relevant, based on the date now and when it was opened. But I guess the first question should probably be, how many miles do you intend on doing each year?

Supermoto’s are great, punchy, nimble, fun, but there could be a question over doing mega miles on one and running costs, as this is not really what they were designed for.

It may just be easier to put a riser kit on your gsxr, change the gearing and just use that to commute on. You can still have fun, will be reliable and shouldn’t be too heavy on it’s consumables. Then when you’re done, convert it back to standard and flog it.