superbike track day lift

hi boys could you help me out, I have been trying to find this bike lift for one of my clients and had no luck I even wrote to a contact I have at superbikes and had no luck!So was hoping you had some clever cloggs out there that know where they sell them, thanks Liza “mundo de motos, mallorca”

Yes i know where to get them from they are made by peter baker power bike racer with bemsee, they are 149.99 and he makes them himself.

hi there, thankyou for this information, does he have a contact number or can you tell me where I could find it. thankyou once again. liza

Hey, that looks a really kewl lift!

Managed to find this, which is more than likely him, as,according to the Bemsee site he lives in West Winch, Norfolk and this place is only 4 miles away


Business Directory
01553 770 837

Well, its only a phone call to be told its not him

Let us know how u get on

He makes and sells them though did he tell u that bit?

Any update on this yet ?

Well i know peter baker and he makes and sells them.

What a cracking bit of kit!

Is this instead of a paddock stand?

Any more info on these stands?

I’ve had a word with the man himself.

These stands are bike specific and cost £250 atm cos he only has them made in small batches.

He has mainly made ones to suit Gixxer Thous and blades.

I’m taking my TLR up there for him to measure.

Cracking kit grommet

Nice bit of kit, stands cool too;)

I bought this Ride and MCN award winning swingarm lift stand…

Made in the UK by Abba Motorcycle Equipment…Cost £90…Works for any bike as long as you buy the correct adapter for £13…You can even pick up the kit from them based in Essex

Go below for details

PS. Hi Liza…Didn’t make it to Spain in the end but I still have your number and will be in touch when I finally do my tour around there…Cheers.