Superbike School - Level 2

Very good day yesterday working on vision through corners.

Maximising vision by building up references points (such as turn, apex, exit). Using more reference points than the usual 3 for corners such as those with blind entry.

Increasing the width of vision using peripheral. This helps avoid target fixation and narrowing of vision which increases the sensation of speed and can make a rider panic.

Also went to areas of the track not normally used, to understand that there are many lines through a corner and the optimum is not always available so its good to have other options.

Enjoyed the day and learnt a lot…

Here are a few pictures.





A few more…





Glad you had a good day mate! Sweet shots too, you’re looking good! Looking good riding I mean!! :w00t:

Cheers Mike :slight_smile:

Looking good mate. I’ll have to pick up some pointers before I do my first track day and lap The Artist at Brands :smiley:

That looks sweeeeeet Afro…:smiley:

Did you manage that race position before the school?

I’d be up for learning that…:wink:

Looking 100% better there mate, knee down no probs for you now… :slight_smile:

Nice shots

Oooh challenge…Clinton’s not as slow as he looks though :hehe:

Cheers :smiley:

I graduated from the Elad school of knee down last year :smiley: and then practised the body postioning at track days :DIt’s not perfect, but I’m more comfortable with it now and it works for me :wink:

Thanks bud :slight_smile:

Wow, you’ve come a long way since that Aprilia! Looking sharp:D

i am like your style dude :)you will soon have you elbow on the deck!! err and not the rest of you at the same time!!

like me you still need to tuck that toe in coz trust me if you lean it a bit more your toe will touch down!! it can be painfull and it destroys ya boots :hehe:

nice work :slight_smile:

LOL :DStill working on keeping the bike on deck mate. :wink:

nice pics and skills there.:slight_smile:

Could you please tell me what were the different aspect of superbike riding did that one day training consist of? i mean was it only about cornering or did they teach some other biking techinques as well, like (sudden)braking and other vital elements?

On each of the levels of training you complete a number of drills concerning different aspects on a theme.

The level 2 day theme was on vision and the students had 5 drills to practice on track after being briefed about them in an equal number of classroom sessions.

Bike handling was mainly covered in the level 1 day which I did last year.

More info is here

Which circuit did you do this at? And were there any off-track drills? :smiley:

thanks for the links Afro. Good to know that they teach every important biking skills, a rider requires on road and on track. How much did you pay for the training? and would you recommend to other riders as well?

Looks good. Relatively expensive at £349 per day. Is it worth it or would I be better off doing a track day with 1-2-1 tuition?

It was at Rockingham and the off track drill was the lean machine, an R6 with stabilisers on (perfect for me :smiley: )

I was really eager to get on it and was thinking I could go mad with it (not worrying about falling off) until the coach said, “By the way, the stabilisers are not actually in a mode where they do anything. You can still crash the bike!” :laugh:

Still managed to work on my hanging off to the left body positioning (which is not as good as my right) and nicely scrapped both knees using a constant throttle.

Have you done your Level 2 yet?

I would recommend training as far as Level 2 because vision is so important when riding.

You got out of the day as much as you put in, but the more experience you have riding the less brand new things you will learn at the school.

However, it’s the way the lessons are taught, structured, and the way you drill what you learn (which helps you remember) that makes the school most effective.

Even if most of what you learn isn’t new, there will be at least one gem that you take from the day that will help you in your riding.

Hard to say mate as I don’t know your experience in riding.

Instructor tuition is certainly effective if you look at how B has helped people on here such as JonnyBravo and Elad.

I would book up an instructor maybe at a track day and see what they say.

In fact, it did do that a couple of times. You’re totally right there mate. Still needs some work.