Super fly Motard racing clip.

Right click and save!

It’s worth the time to download.

Hey, GREAT video, Pete! Foxy and I were drooling over it from start to finish. Gotta get out there on a Supermoto, looks like TOO much fun!


I think it sums up supermoto perfectly!

Bought a new lid today! I can’t wait for the season to start!

(And a new pair of Oakly goggles!)

Looks awesome, maybe I should have a crack at it sometime.

Do it mate, I bought my first Motard as a road bike 3 years ago 'cos I no longer wanted to ride my GSXR on the road. Loved it.

TBH - for the racing side of things I wish I had some Moto-X experience, but learning as you go is good fun!