Super Fast Ambulance

I saw this recently at Charing Cross hospital. I didn’t know they had Audi TT ambulances!? Hell of a way to spend tax-payers money though eh.


theres one like this that goes though brixton every now and then

IIRC don’t LAA have a Subaru that they whiz around in when conditions don’t allow them to fly?:w00t:

they used to when i worked there. the tt looks like a lease car issued to ambulance officers who go to manage larger/difficult incidents. i think, and am ready to be corrected if im wrong, but within the nhs anyone entitled to car can chose any car they like, but pay portion out of their wages to have higher spec car. i think the officers can be issued with a standard car for work use, but can pay themselves to upgrade to a “better” car and to use it for personal use.

HEMS used to have Subaru Imprezas but have had5 Skoda Octavias since 2006 for when they can’t use their aircraft.!

Thanks for putting us straight:)

Bit of a come-down though eh?;):cool:

I have a TT 225…its by no means “super fast”:w00t:

A mate of mine works with HEMS and he prefers the Skoda to the Impreza!

The TT is more than likely belonging to a one of the out of hours BASICS Doctors that the Ambulance Service use. The Doctors use their own private cars!

Correct, it’s one of the Senior Docs cars who is also a Basics doctor. The Skodas save the charity an absolute fortune in running costs compared to to the Subarus. Plus are a damb site more comfi as they operate until 01:00 most nights and all through the night over the weekends.

Hope that helps