Sunshine today

anybody out and about today,

was thinking of popping to high beech for a cheeky brew about 1ish. got to pop into city n greenwich first.

Anybody else??

Will be out and about this morning but not sure where - may end up at Boxhill

i’ll have a go at finding High Beech, never managed it before. Found a map that should help, i’ll be coming from the south.

Bluestar—are you going to J&s in Greenwich ?

wolfie…no such luck, gotta get some posh coffee from the market!!! for the folks back home for xmas.

will be setting off inabout 45 mins , do my jobs then head to high beech for about 1.

ok i’ll try to make it for about 1

it may be sunny - but its still cold!!

On days like today I really love my heated grips

had a great run out to fox’s then on to ace via henley and marlow

Went to Boxhill after lunch but didn’t see any LB stickers on any bikes…lots of people about though. The roads were a bit greasy/damp in places, and the leaves are now starting to stick to the roads in those large ‘oh sh1t/clench’ patches, so take care out there people…

thats cos we were in stealth mode. Yeah damp roads today, not ideal.

well you didnt make it to high beech did you wolfie cos you were with the girls at the ace and then took

the ‘we’ve got lambstew and Ross is gonna eat it’ contingent (me/blade/shewolf) to Kings hospital…

nice to see you again mate and i hope the yellow paint has washed off

Me getting sidetracked by three lovely ladies on a mercy mission, no contest.

Great to see some old faces( no offence ladies) and the new ones.

Good to meet u too !! that AND the new jaundice look of yellow paint !!! tut tut, you really should learn to stop touching things and wiping them on your face !!! Mercy mission was right…see we pleased 2 men today…first Wolfie when we kissed him goodbye at the hospital, and then onto Ross IN hospital when we kissed HIM goodbye when we left !!!..

We aim to please

and please you did. never mind what i like rubbing on my body, thats personal and i have been getting help for it and the doctor says i am quite alright and he gave me a certificate to prove it