Sunny weather ride later

Hey guys,

So the weather is supposed to clear up and I’m thinking about going for a blast. I can meet people at the ace cafe around 12ish if there is any interest. I don’t have a definite route yet planned, but it will be north towards Silverstone or West towards Oxford.

Approx 120 -200 miles, back in time to watch the football.

No 125’s - NO Nobbers.

Please ride at your own pace, please respect the rider in front by keeping back a sensible distance. The pace will be brisk but not mental.

Cornerman system in use, please make sure you got fuel and that your bike is safe to ride.

I’m heading for the sunshine, i have soft tyres so don’t really want to ride in the wet.

Careful out there, tis very windy :slight_smile:

still not left yet tbh, careful is my middle name :wink:

Was thinking about it, but it’s now raining in Watford :crying: