Sundays ride out



more to follow

You’ve got to love the 1057 and the lanes towards Thaxted.Did the same route twice last week,on the bit on your second vid I came across a mass cycle race on Sunday:D that was fun getting past them.

Have to give Gianni a bollocking for the double white lines outside Cornish Hall End;)

was a cracking ride and great roads,i need more practice

love these roads

Plus a few wide lines by the camera man on a couple of left handers, good job there was nothing coming the other way:w00t:

I reckon that with the good vision he had already seen that he could take some of the other lane:)

Well hopefully I’ll get out on the BCR soon with the pack and the illustrious Sneaky and not just on my lonesome:cool:

It’s not uploading for me???

looks like a realy nice ride out, and perfect weather

My twopence worth:

Gear selection. You’re going up and down through the gears far too much for what’s necessary in the first clip. Pick the right gear and stay in it longer and it will allow you to concentrate on your lines on bends and overtakes more.

Feel free to ignore this, I just thought it would be useful to offer it as an observation.

Footage is nice mind.

your 100% right next time ill be on it

Cool vid mate. :slight_smile: But I seem to remember being there as well, no video footage of me then;)

I must say I agree about the amount of gear changes on a 1000 V twin, I assumed you could have done most of that in one gear. Just ride the wave of torque. Don’t mean to have a pop, it’s just an observation.

You did fine for the first time out on those lanes. Hope to see see you again soon. :slight_smile:

it takes about 4 hours to upload a 6 minute video and you are on one of them breifly as your to fast to keep up with:) as for the gears i was keeping the revs down out of sympathy for the old girl and i still think ive damaged her a bit.hers another one>>

this is the last part.