Anyone up for hitting this silver ball cafe tomorrow lunchtime on the A10 jus north of London im gonna head in that after dropping in to Luton think Weaver may possibly attent Adam h is up for it, couple of hours not to far from london and some grub and tea??? and its a change from boxhill

what ya sayin???

come on dont be gay

what time you going?..i’ve got the inlaws coming over but i dont think its till about 3ish…?

im picking up my friend in luton half 11-- 12 so should be at the cafe for about 1ish so to luton its a bit boring and M25 M1 then to the cafe should be a nice ride, unless anyone just wants to head there for 1 for a chat and lunch

you detect nothing, i just want some fuckers to come out, no work suns shining and no takers…

whos shouting not me i just like to type bigger so its easier for me to spot my mistakes before i post… ill be turning up with adam tomorrow about 1

if u r meeting sun i’ll try and make it about 12.30 ish

Me, Savoury and a few others are going up. Should be there about 12-1ish. Gonna have a nice blat round Beds and Cambs first though

Steve, yif you are going from Stevenage you might see us going up the A1 about 11.30. RSV, 2x gixers (one 6 and 1 thou), ER-6, CBR, Cruiser thingy and maybe a couple of others. Feel free to tag on if you see us

well i dont know what you look like or what you ride but keep an eye out for a yellow R1 with LB stickers collin edwards lid possibly with a yellow yammy fleece or a grey fleece top it will be good to meet ya all

ill keep an eye out for ya

I’m only in Welwyn and work in Stevenage. Maybe hook up to go to Cabana at some point.

its pissing down here… west london that is. so are we still heading out my mate says its not raining in luton???

sod it im still going out

That’s the spirit!

i can see sun and blue sky and its not raining, and the plan has been set in motion

Rubens would have killed for a model like you, Pen! It was Lowry who drew match stick people. And just look who’s commanding the higher prices at any auction!

sorry lads i couldent make my son was playing a rugby tordiment today and i was hoping to leave it early but he didnt get to play to late so i had to stay to keep the ex happy .i ride a kawasaki zephyr 1100 with a red jacket or green and black leather depending on the weather and a red and black dianess helmet

Well i had a top day picked up a friend in Luton met adam h on the A600 down the 507 to the A10 hit the diner brekkies all round and a cup of splosh all on me i must add then up into cambridge cross country back to bedford stopped off at the green man in clophill left adam h on the A6 back into Luton released my pillion then home and even hit a few 130s… thanks

and a billy bonus i didnt get wet