Sunday Service - 29th - Chipping bound.

You read this correct. The Ducati is coming back to me Sat after her spring spruce and back on road tyres.

Leaving Shell at 7.30am. Home by 12ish. Breakfast about 10.30am

Pace is progressive and it is not suitable for newbies or 125’s.

Ride at your own pace, no dick-heads apart from myself. 

I know Rusty is running a different route but i have not done this in ages and so fancy doing it. I’m sure we will play again soon.

Any questions PM me. 

I’m so there.

yay :wink:

This sounds like fun. If no BCR then I’m in!

Enjoy, if anyone misses Rixxy they are welcome to tag along to Rutland.

Rixxy doesn’t like cameras

In if I can swap my shift about.

Prob in for this as we require same fuel stops​:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:! The BCR is great for that :ok_hand:

Gonna try ;-)… Be a good man and get a pass !

Oooh I may try and join in with this. How fast are we talking? Shall I come in my leathers fast or just fast lol

It’s probably to fast for me, so I stick with BCR.


Rob, its going to be too fast for me to, but will ride within my boundaries !  And hopefully, get to the destination by the time they have had their breakfast. :wink:

i might make an appearance. if its not too cold.

One of my favourite rides (and breakfasts)… Gutted I’m away.

Yeah no cameras please - its just a rule i have - feel free to film your self on your own any time you want :wink: Im wearing leathers PJ but that say more about my new Trauma Doctor Girlfriend that anything else :wink:

No heros, gopro or otherwise.

whos gunna lead it then Joby :wink:

Only been on one of these when it was cold weather and it was fun. Not sure if I could keep up, especially on my sisters zx6r…but I could try :smiley:

Ruth I won’t be trying to keep up with Rixy that’s for sure! :upside_down_face:

Meeting a mate at the Ace on the way up. If anyone is passing that way…

I better not come in my leathers, we will be riding on our own lol I will try and make this.

Ruth I won't be trying to keep up with Rixy that's for sure! 🙃

Meeting a mate at the Ace on the way up. If anyone is passing that way…

R1 Frank
If there's no BCR Frank I'll meet you at the Ace - what time?