sunday rideout for brekkie

Right you lot, who wants to come to boxhill for a bit of brekkie and a pootle in the afternoon? i will be getin to boxhill for 9.30amish, a few lb peeps already going, and the weather is gonna be good!

Oh alright then

brill! will ring ya later grim. sounds grand for tommorrow!, oh and debz, we will be pootling

Like this?



Pootle was my fave! Flat’s & i are going out tomorrow dunno where yet

DOH!! you’ll quite often find me at Boxhill on the nice days (or newlands) would be good to meet some of you (I already know Keti) but alas working all weekend so have a good one !

Wish I could make it, but no bike till Monday


hope to see you there loco!

Will try really hard to get to Box tomorrow morning, if my teenager doesn’t stay out partying all night. No promises but will definitely try.

Westie, will you be in posession of that rather snazzy lid that’s in your avatar? Might be a useful signpost if anyone wants to find you!

yes i will be wearing the new lid!! hehe cant miss me!

09:30 on a Sunday? That’s still sleeping time!

I’ll be there if I wake up…

ok jim, hope to see ya there!

Oi aren’t you coming on the SOC run to Fox’s Diner on Sunday then? I will tell Andy you’ve defected lol - have a good one!! BC2

Damm woul dlove to come but have other plans already

Rap up warm folks, I’ve heard its ment to be the coldest tomorrrow for a long time

Coldest is meant to be Tuesday - 3 degrees and heavy snow forecast for London town BC2

The Busa tyres wear fast enough without all them straight motorway roads

Enjoy your bacon sarnie - may see you on another rideout soon

I’ll be there for a pre-planned non LB rideout, so ya boo sax to you all Ya welcome to come along if you like but I’ve no idea where we’re going or timings. It’ll involve riding over to Kent to pick someone up, then heading back towards Newlands.

hey guys i had a lovely day out today!, thanks to Grimbusa and debz, x, flats and gilly, leggy pete and lustfish, 303, and all the rest!, it was flippin cold on the way back!, and thanks for taking us up to devils dyke jim!!!

see ya all soom westie x

Great day, great people, great ride.

thanks jim! great piccies, sums up the whole day!