sunday ride

After our rideout yesterday i thought id throw the photos id taken in to a nice little film.

Who crashed?? Are they ok?? good pic’s & choice of music!!

that was well funny nick!!!well done!!!

a bloke called Leon i think, over cooked it in some very cheeky corners!

Lol good pics biscuit,

very good pics mate, i never knew terrys mouth was that BIG, shame about the off but at least he is ok and a bike can be fixed.

GREAT pics, gutted I missed this one

Sorry about your bike fella, I hope it gets mended soon.

Nice pics…Sorry about the crash…Where was that roundabout?

Outside a pub is all i can tell you Afro

It was a strange shape and had lotds of mud/crap on one side…

That should help you narrow it down

haha - brilliant biscuit

quality! nice one biscuit!

that roundabout is in shaftsebury! bit of a dog as far as roundabouts go!!