Sunday Ride Outs

Hello everybody.I’m so glad I found this.I need some company for Sunday ride outs and I’d be happy to come up with a few routes for others.I usually go round Rykas and Newlands but I’ve been doing it since I was 17 and I like going for the craic with other people but I’m a bit short of buds at the mo.Box Hill in particular has become very clicky over the years. I don’t care what anyone rides or how fast they ride it-as long as you’ve got “the spirit” I’ll happily have a laugh with you and tell incredibly tall tales of “daring didn’t”-that’s what it’s all about.

Hello again to all the bikin’ folk here.

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hello and welcome to LB:D Lots going on here normally,there is a big rideout on Sunday,look in Rideouts and meets section.

Cheers, will do.

check the bcr, leaves collier row romford, goes finchingfield, lots of sprints and twisties, beautifull

welcome buddy

Sorry chap.I’m a bit ignorant at the moment.What’s the bcr?

Its the infamous Breakfast Club Run, check the supermotards and the rideouts forum, all in there. Sets off from colliers row at 8am on a sunday and you can pick up some good tips and even some hedgerow if you are lucky…

Cheers fella.If I have a quiet Saturday night I might just make it.

elad is spot on there if your good for early meet up’s you’ll have a great time

good mix of bikers, moto’s, plastic rockets even those V-twin thingymajigs come out:D

keep a look out for bcr in rideouts:)

welcome to lb

Welcome to LB
A few of us meet at Box on a Sunday morning for what is described as “sparrows fart” 7.30 normally. We then take a run in no particular direction for a few hours then back to Box.
Keep an eye out for the post in Rideouts and pop along.

Enjoy your stay
What do you ride by the way?

I’ve got a converted Daytona.Couldn’t ride it standard,too much pain and vibes so kinda speed tripled it.What are you and the others riding?

Welcome :slight_smile:

Always stuff going on here :wink:

welcome mate plenty of rideouts here and its not clicky at all, well apart from all the massives :D:D