Sunday Quiz

ok who is this, [ a clue is its a member of lb ] any body that was at this meet is not allowed to enter,and that includes terry and tugs


who ever it is, they have lovely legs :smiley:

They look cracking in that pair of jeans! :smiley:

clue 2 its not ginger :smiley:

westie ? :Wow:

I think it’s that lady with the black triumph. I think her name begins with M but shamefully, I can’t remember.

i know who you mean and can see the resemblence,

but no its not her

ok this has turned into the weekly quiz now

Is it Lou? :slight_smile:

nope, keep guessing

is it me ?

I reckon I know, but I’m sure I was at that meet, so I’m not allowed to guess :frowning:

Picture isn’t displaying now. Any more clues ? What do they ride ?


or Gina?

yes you were there so shut it bikerboy

good guesses ja but WRONG. :slight_smile:

Is it MacP? :w00t:

Seriously, is it Blade?

I know it’s not M-Daytona for sure.

the lady with the R1… Liz? i think her name is?

no its not blade


no its not liz with the R1

andy it’s you isnt it ? :w00t: