sunday or is it rainday?

I have given up careing…i really need a bike fix i have not been out on a proper ride since last wed and its killing me!! i have been up since 5am watching noddy with the baby and all the while thinking i really have to get out and sharpish…so i am off to box hill leaving about 830am…if anyone fancys a ride down or meet down there for a coffee about 9.15 then rock on!!

it will be a morning run as i have to take the missis shopping…warning to all single guys…DONT GET MARRIED!!

Morning! BMF show for me I’m afraid. Enjoy the ride

you aint back from box already are you?

what was the weather like?

ijust got off the phone to Urban Warrier, we are going to try Box Hill, leaving about 11. We were out all day yesterday and managed to stay dry so i feel lucky again.