Sunday Nov 3rd - Essex bimble 125/New to Big Bike

Weekend plans changed, so I’m now in London. Weather isn’t looking too shabby and I have a new bike that needs to be played with, but as I’m still getting used to it, this will all be done at a really relaxed pace. So here’s the plan, for any of you at a loose end tomorrow:

Meet time 9am for brekkie - Muff Customs Café - 4c Roach Road, Hackney Wick, London E3 2PA, map

Ride Start 9.45am

Essex pickup point: Tesco Garage Chipping Ongar c. 10.45am

End time c. 5pm Petrol station at M25/ A12 intersection

Please arrive with a full tank and leave Muffs with an empty bladder! Additional fuel stops will be organised based on smallest tank range of the bikes that turn up.

Highlights The roads leading in and out of Finchingfield

Ride Length: IF we are lucky enough to have some 125’s or very new big bike riders join us, this ride will be no more than 100 -120 miles. However, as this such short notice, if we only have experienced riders in attendance, then the ride may well be rather longer.

Need to know by 10pm Saturday Nov 2nd if this is going to be a c. 100 mile route.

Make sure you read about the Cornerman System if you have not been on an LB ride out as yet.

Great video demonstrating the system here:

Please can you PM me or write something if you plan to attend.

Any questions, observations, please PM me.

I might be about to drop the engine out of the CX. If all goes well I’ll likely turn up…

Would be lovely to have you along again Avi. If you’re running late though, go straight to Chipping Ongar, we don’t hang about as you may remember! :wink:

Day pass acquired, see you at Muffs

Well, the spare engine’s out, and I think I’m likely to either do same to the ‘real’ one tomorrow morning or simply be hungover. I might turn up, but it’s not very likely - I’m trying to avoid being out after dusk with essentially no headlights…

Hope it goes well Ally, let`s hope you get a 125 or two this time.

Your persistence is exemplary.:slight_smile:

We cant attend, (promised not to say this as its really annoying) but were going for lunch with Julies ex in Brighton.:cool:

^^^ Oooh controversial!! Remember, if it get’s awkward, she’s with you now, not him! :kiss:

Try to have fun!!

I have a good recipe for fillet of ex :smiley:

We’re trying to send you a PM but get this message:

Sorry you cannot send this private message.

  • The recipient has already exceeded their permitted number of private messages.

So you are Miss Too Popular !!! :smiley:

(in the words of Chris, your favourite follower)

^^^ Hmmm…839 seems a very random number to decide it’s had enough. Got rid of a load, then noticed it said at the bottom, that my folders are full and that I can only have 100 messages?!! Could you send me a test message and can you and others check your own mailboxes to see if you are getting a ‘full’ message? Many thanks. Might be a new glitch, but not my fault this time!

Yes, that was introduced few months ago as I had loads as well. Delete some, the only way… :frowning:


Did you get my text babe?

^^^^When I was put on Gardening leave, they took my phone back. Have a new number - will send you a text, so you have it.

What time will you get to finchingfield? tempted to come along but need to get back home early as possible.

^^^ As far as I know, no slow bikes coming, but I’ve only ridden my new one once, so I won’t be very quick. No-one has asked for Ongar, so, c.11.30am at Finchingfield.

Do you pass the Tesco’s at Ongar, if so I may be there at 10:45 if not don’t wait…as I have probably got carried away and kept going :smiley:

feck me

Russ, we will definitely swing by the Tesco at Ongar. Ian, Thanks for the offer, but I hardly know you! ;):w00t:

just got back from holiday & missed this one

I would have loved to come but I got to go pick my bike up later with a repaired rad from the last outing

be careful i can back from stansted last night & theres loads of leaves & mud on the road & some are still flooded

1st of the Month is Mrs Arts market day and I need to be there for about 1 pm however …

I also need to check out the new ranch so eyes front and may just see me winging it south on the 1057

Last months warrants have been extended by way of season tickets, ride safe and enjoy My Back Yard :wink: