Sunday morning part timers

Anyone else coming out East this Sunday morning? Out around the Essex lanes and back by lunchtime if anyones up for it.

Looks like I’ve left it all too late. I checked this morning before this post was made, is there a conspiracy?

Perhaps I should leave bike today? :crying:

Hello mate, good to see you yesterday!

Just as well, as I went down to start the bike and the alarm’s had all the battery! Bummer when you’re all kitted up and ready to go!

No BCR today then George?

Nope, I was sorely tempted, but I’ll get sucked in to riding beyond my limits!

Went up to F/field by the normal fun route and came across Jetstream’s ride out having a break.Back down the 184 to Ongar and tea at High Beech,bit nippy today though:w00t:

ended up going to the ace, was meant to be going for a blast but never got round to it.

Went passed HB about 1:15, loads of bikes out today, someone had come off on the short hop down the hill between the tea hut and the roundabout. They were sitting up talking with the paramedics, hope they’re OK.

What’s the road like out to ff? Loads of potholes or in pretty good shape?

I went past that to,it was the girl who rides the CBR400(MADBADNBLOND) on here and her mate with the streetfighter,she was walking and smiling so not too serious ,and their bikes were taken away in a van.

Roads were generally ok,bit damp in places and still gravel that had been pushed into the centre of the lane,just had to have your wits about you;)

I was having a ride around 11ish, first one this year around High beech and Epping. State of some of the roads were really bad especially mid corner. One road was particularly bad, 2 - 3 inches deep patches every where. Its like the top lay of tarmac was just dissolving. Very off putting.

Yep, the A414 from Ongar towards the M11 has loads of the top layer of tarmac missing mid bend, I went for a good look around on Saturday and decided most of my fav roads need a little repairing before it’ll be safe to have a proper play on them.

Cheers for the update Broady, I didn’t make it as far as ff on Saturday, good to know the roads out there aren’t pothole ridden like the roads around Epping :slight_smile: