Sunday morning Chipping norton breakfast run

Weather looks good… Anyone fancy it? Leave beaconfield services petrol station at 8am.

Meet up with Rosso at the Burford tea hut and do Welsh Wales?

Im in and will lead if you want. See you at 8am you lucky lucky lucky people xxx

Great Rixxy, lead the way please. Mr National treasure I would love to do Rosso run, he told me about those Welsh roads, but looking to be back around mid afternoon. I am in restricted mode, this is my first Sunday escape in a long time… :-).

shame ijg5, the ducati would sound good echoing down some of them roads, 2 (rixy) would be even better, but 3(franc) might just be over doing it :slight_smile:
Enjoy your breakfast at chippy.

Defo another time Rosso, enjoy yourselves

If I get home before 3am I’m in. But don’t wait for me

Out just got home😥

Yeah i never made it. Ended up way to pissed with good mates!! Bloody good friends leading us astray!!

Back, cold this morning but never seen the 413 as empty, did that 361 from Banbury, great road. Breakie as ever very good… :-). Good buzz… nice afternoon Guinness and Bsb now…