Sunday morning breakfast run

It seems this Sunday, bright and early the gang will be Meeting at Collier Row Weather permitting o’course!

The long-a$$ route to Finchingfield for breakfast!

Will you be on the GSXR in your Avatar? We’ll need to modify the route a bit. I fink there’s gonna be a few Motards Prolly the odd Blackbird, too

I’ll find out how early they wanna leave…

Keep seeing this pop up on here and the EAMG website too. Shame, as AbbeyJ and I keep missing it - this weekend is the St Georges Rideout!

Hopefully next weekend.


I dunno if anyone else fancies it. 8am outside The Roller Bowl, Collier Row…

Obviously I meant City Limits (the old Roller Bowl).

Yep. Blinding ride too!

I really wished I had taken my Supermoto instead of my old Ducati. I’ve not riden the XR in anger for so long We were 3 KTM supermoto’s a Honda Blackbird and my old Ducati 900ss.

I nearly became SqidgyMcC instead of SneakyMcC when I had the front end sliding over some bumps on a left hander! We switched from fast B roads to Back lanes as we zigzagged across Essex where we were joined by a late runner on a 950 KTM Moto. He got up on time, but was thowing up b4 he left the house… May be he’s pregnant!