Sorry can’t go. I’ll be in Weston, but I support all you’re gonna try and do. There’s supposed to be strength in unity aint there?

Will try, but can’t promise.

i can’t make it on Sunday, but I’ll catch up with peeps about this at Frith/Cubana instead

i wonder how much it costs to sort out a theft from the point of reporting it to the conclusion?surley its a hell of alot more longterm then it would providing secure parking,personaly i wouldn’t mind paying if i knew the bike was completly secure and its not like they take up much space

I am interested in attending this guys.

I will bring along a letter from my MP in response to a letter that i wrote to him with regards to the amount of theft going on and calling on him to lobby parliament with regards to what appears to be an “epidemic”.

If you have heard the news today, there also has been a call from parliament to encorage the judiciary and police to lower the amount of custodial sentances given to offenders. This is not deterring bike thieves. The government are unwilling to create more prisons because it is an expense they don’t want to commit to.

sorry As expected we couldnt make it. Hopefully one of you kind folks will fill us in

Who is still going??? I think I might but I somehow don’t think I am going to get myself wet just for fun… Enough of this during the commuting week…

nope… Not going…
So what happened?

Not too bad thanks Weaver. Looks like a vampire has been at her shoulder A couple of months and it will be good as new

Does anybody know how todays discussion went? Did it happen at all?

Hi guys - yes the discussion happend here’s the outcome.

1 - New section on this site called Security - aims to level the playing field between us and the bike thief - education education education

2 - Discounted products that are the best for the job at hand

3 - Expert advice on how to stop your bike being nicked… and the best way to get it back if it has

4 - Letter to the government expressing our dissapointment at the lack of policing in this area - hand delivered to number 10 by a gang of LBs finest.

5 - Lobbying - article from MAG and BMF and what you can do - what we can do - to get secure parking where you want it - rather than lobby the whole of London we’ll pick specific points that have the most impact on our members.

To sum up - education, discounts on the tools you need, letter to the government, link up with organisations that know how to get things done.

Overal aim - Reduce Bike Theft among the LB community.


sorry couldnt make it folks…work.

Matt, plans sound like a good start but in addition to going to Num 10

lets go see KEN , hes the one that wants to decrease congestion etc and has his finger on the pulse of TFL

maybe he can start the ball rolling and help create secure bike parks etc

just thought.


Nice work Matt and the rest of the Crew,

Sorry I couldnt make it down but I,ll catch up with you all at the Brazen.

apparently the goverment has some ideas on how we can deal with motorvehicle crime

and a few usefull links etc

there is an organisation called th e’ motorcycle crime reduction group

all grist for the mill!!!

working together for a bike safe london

I know nothing about this sort of thing but cant help thinking Motorcycle News would be a huge voice to back us up.

Just a thought, maybe already covered Sunday

yeap all really good points - media - yes we are a funny beast - MCN are groovy if they come in on your side… will make some gentle enquireies


All the biking mags will be fine to publicise the campaign to bikers, but I would have thought we should get into more mainstream publications to publicise it to the general public. More specifically London Evening News and possibly The Metro. Anyone got any contacts in those papers?