I may not be able to make Cubana tonight, but i want to get involved with the interest shown with Smileds thread on bike theft rideout? Please read his thread to get gist?

If you agree, want to know more, what you can do to help, what WE can do as bikers, do you agree we can meet on sunday at Ace…M9 suggested a table and meet in another thread?..can we not combine the two? Meet at Ace, grab some tables put them together, and discuss, discuss, discuss, argue, agree, throw ideas in the air, come out with a positive “what we can and will be doing”?

I know not all of us can go to cubanas…so ace is next stop i can think of that we may all be able to get to?..if anyone has another better idea, im ok with that…

We need to discuss…contacting manufacturers on our bike safety…ie chains,locks,immobilisers…that are clearly not working yet we are spending our money on them and ALL new bikers that are naive to what to buy,wear,use, are going for items that may not help in the safety of their bikes? WE dont even have them so how can THEY? no ones fault, cos thieves nowdays know how to get over the locks,chains etc …we are throwing money away in other words, literally !!

We need to discuss …contacting bike magazines/papers with a view to getting a wider biker population involved, gather info on other biker experiences with theft…

For this we need some guidance and help from those of us LBrs that have better knowledge on how to start this, what steps we have to take, legal side of things, how we can make manufacturers listen to what we want on our bikes as security…

We CAN do something about this, i know we can…there are many bikers with years of experience…dont just give up cos u cant be bothered, or cos your bike is in your garage, help out those that havent got this facility, but love their bike just the same and want to wake up to it in the mornings ( no puns intended !!..well…if the cap fits!! ha ha) seriously? lets do this !!

Lets not forget that if we can do more to reduce theft it could have an impact on the cost of insurance…

Can only be good 'fraid it would be cage for me on Sunday, adamsky is working… but I can be there


If Debs is fit enough after op we will pop along but will be in a ‘dagenham dustbin’ (no offence meant blade :laugh

From M9 Performance post:

Just a thought girls lunch meet Sunday Ace Cafe 1.30pm blokes as well

It’s Just The Way Of The Nine

Is time ok or there abouts? 1 to 1:30pm?

Oi !! offence at you being in a cage than on that great bike of yours more like !!! Hope Debbie gets better quick…

You can talk about bike theft till the cows come home nothing will ever be done bike companys see it as sales insurance companys see it as a way to push up the price of insurance so they win, think about how many people dont have their bikes stolen and get their insurance pushed up.

Dont waste your breath nothing will be done EVER! how long have bikes been stolen for, at least the last 20 years.

The only safe option is to keep it locked away out of sight and take random routes home and use your bike a random times.

Change your pattern of use and route I have 4 routes that I use and I change what way I go each day

Talk about pi55ing on someones parade!

I think it is a great idea. Unity is strength, and unity has to start somewhere. If we had a few ideas, we could run them by BMF, MAG, etc and join our efforts. Eventually someone will have to listen.

sorry why are we starting another thread about this? From the other thread…

if I may step forward ?

When I was a nurse I was the Royal Collage of Nursing rep to the Welsh Assembly for the whole of Wales… I also ran a campaign to get an independent into council in Swansea, and have run several high profile campains in the past… I’m also well connected to the media… who are going to be an important ally. I know how the system works - both politically and sometimes more importantly - spin wise.

I’ll be at the Ace on Sunday meeting m9 about the charity ride out - I’d be happy to meet everyone else too and talk through this… but from my angle at the moment I think we need to achevie 2 things.

1 - More secure parking / cctv from the councils
2 - More central support / spending on targeting bike theives / stronger sentencing

Do we all agree on those 2 points? If we do then we can actualy get something done about both of them. I suggest that we meet on Sunday at 3pm - I already have a meeting there at 1:30pm…


groovy - let’s see if we can get everyone signed up on the 2 principle points first… once we’ve got that sorted we can agree the best course of action that results in something actually happening.

I agree with most of your points here matt, but as for more targeting bike thieves/stronger sentencing I can’t see this happening as according to everything you hear/read in the press the police are hugely overworked and the prisons are already full to bursting point!

I think the idea of pushing councils for more secure parking/cctv and things like anchor points to chain bikes to in dedcicated bike parking bays is the way forward.

As for getting manufacturers involved, I agree with the earlier post by djjc. Bike manufacturers will say they are bothered but in reality they don’t give a toss 'cos when your bike gets nicked, what’s one of the first things you start thinking…‘What bike should I get next’. This is what the manufacturers want…more sales. As for the insurance companies, they’d probably be happy to help out because the less bikes get stolen, the less they have to pay out but does anyone really think that we’d see the benefits by hyaving reduced premiums etc. I doubt it!

3pm sunday is better for me as I want to go to Girls Bike 2’s open day earlier in the day.

IMO you can doubt it… but until you try… anyhow what have you too loose NOTHING ! If it achieves nothing then we have had fun trying…and brought more attention to our happy band of LB’s…

I can understand why the sentiments can run high, but please, why not go to Ace sunday and say it out loud, then we can discuss all this sort of thing…thats what is needed, end of the day…the pluses and minuses on this?..something someone thinks may be changed by what someone else says? and vice versa…

Count me in Definately Agree

Okay - Sunday 3pm at the Ace it is… see you all there peeps.


Doubt whether we can make this as we are with friends in Shoreham for the weekend but will see what we can do; keep us posted on the outcome Blade. Cheers.

what’s up with you now!

i’ll be there…


Great stuff

sorry peeps but docs orders no ridin for a couple of weeks