Sunday May 18th - Get One Keen Down and Pray

Hey guys,

So we have had a few weeks off, Reverend Scorch has been working away trying to figure out mathematically speaking what our best route is taking in the most corners but avoiding the most traffic…… unfortunately due to his exceptional lack of direction he is yet to come up with an answer.:doze::doze::doze:

So we are back for another Sunday of fun, possible one of the last on the ducati’s for me.:Whistling:

7.45am meeting at the Dome Roundabout Shell garage. Yes early, but we will be back by lunch time and we will have open and non busy roads for the first 2 hours and it makes a huge difference and is well worth getting up for.

As usual the pace of this ride is advanced, so no newbies or 125’s. Ride at your own risk, look after yourself. IF you run off or run wide you buy breakfast for everyone.:D:w00t:

We will be heading north to a great little breakfast spot. these are fab roads but are tight and dangerous in places, esp if your a first timer. No white line over takers, close followers and 30 MEANS 30.

No harleys, elvis impersonators, carrot crunchers, tottenham fans, or people with long hair. Please come freshly shaved and washed. Hot girls only, no munters.

Any questions this is not the ride for you, expect bad jokes and worse riding, we are proudly responsible for the famous “rusty neck muscles.” :w00t::P;)

I don’t need to post here and tell me its early. I F**king know, but car drivers are lazy and so its worth getting up.

Garage is here, Junction 5 off the M1 onto the A41, about 15 mins from brent cross…….


so cameras are allowed this time then.

If I’m awake enough after Saturday night, I’d like to come. Is that 7:45 for 8 o’clock launch?

Be rude not to. …no cameras.

Should be sweet.

Going senile can’t go now doing something else in the morning

So you only want hot girls with short hair?

no he really just wants hot guys :smiley:

WTF - No tottenham fans!!! i’ve never been so insulted! :doze: :laugh:

Can’t make it anyway, bike is going in to PDQ for a couple of upgrades :smiley:

yep, and tattoos.:cool:

If you take me even half serious you need a doctor

Believe they need to be washed and shaved so no Saturday night lingerers:blink:

Front tyre is almost gone, minor leek at the right fork and slightly rich fuelling.
Plus I’m going touring in 3 weeks time so it would be sensible not risk it.

Can I come? :smiley:

I might have an off followed by a breakdown so you guys really need to pray for me when you’ll put your knees down :cool:

Is it lingering if I come straight from the midnight Rideout?

Nah, but you could also join Amit on Saturday, he’s going out during the day and straight to the midnight ride… that would do :slight_smile:

which direction North you heading may meet on route…

Chipping Norton for brekkie, precise route is a closely guarded secret. :slight_smile:

thats WEST ya bellend aint North…jeez you Herts inbreeds :D:D

I never said anything about heading North, you did! :Whistling:


I can’t be held accountable for Slim Jim’s directional dyslexia :wink: