Sunday League (Adult) Football Manager Required Essex/E.London

Any of you lovely lot out there had any expierience of Sunday League Management? my team is after a new Manager, We are a fairly good standard and are always pushing for League Titles and Cups every season.

I usually manage the team but as we are all mates i find it hard dropping players and making subs without upsetting a mate! We need to push on if we want to go from contenders to winners and we need a manager who has no affinity to the club. Managerial experience is preferred but if you are just a football fan that wants to try out management that is cool.

We are a sociable bunch so you will be invited on many nights out and weekends away (optional if you want to attend) it will cost you no money just your time on a Sunday Morning.

We play in the Newbury Park area of Ilford (Near Newbury Park Tube station) and every now and then in Basildon (Essex) but this is only 2 or 3 times a season.

It is in the Ford Sunday Football League so the grounds are of the Highest Quality for the Level of Football with Bar/Changing Rooms & Showers. We have 8 Pitches we share in each of complexes (Newbury Park & Basildon) between the League so we only ever have to travel to Newbury Park or Basildon, not like other leagues that travel all over the County.

If interested let me know. The season starts in September but would like to start pre-season Training and some Friendlies end of July start of August.

I run a Sunday League team, but based in SW London and hoping to get back into playing so saying no.

Good luck with your search for a manager - suggest you put up an advert on football.mitoo

It’s hard making subs but at the same time, if it changes the culture of your club too much, you could find yourself with an exodus of players and a struggle to play games. Be careful what you want Sam.

That said, if you guys want a preseason friendly, get in touch!

I often shout at the TV because of some of the idiot managers in the PL and then they do what I said, does that count as experience? :laugh:

Cool, cheers.

We’re a good bunch of blokes and we know our best 11 and always end up with 2 or 3 average players, those 2 or 3 know there place in the squad so it’s not really an issue with players getting the hump.

roy hodgson will be looking for a job by september.