sunday lanes

cheers for today chaps:D was fun out there








aye it was fun but flipin freeeeezzzzin…

was very cold out there m8 when washing the bike down the water froze to the bike:w00t: look forward to next week:D

WTF is all that brown stuff!:alien:

stop looking in the mirror naked:D

so sneaky will you be out on the riot next week?

i havent washed the bike yet… :ermm: only the sump as changed the oil when i got in… :stuck_out_tongue:

i did’nt spend too long washing the bike cos it was too cold:hehe:

looks fun we were out on trials bikes in the snow, yipeeeeeeeeeeee. them pics remind me just how much i miss that old 560 bwaaaaaaaaaaaaa, sob sob

was not as hard as the ones you took me to at box hill but still fun:D

what bike was you using?

It was a Good run out today,I was hoping for more deeper Mud,but Hey Ho:Whistling: Good to meet you Adz…:D:D

i was’nt cos it was bad enough trying to help you get your bike out the mud:hehe:

What and get it dirty!!!:blink: Best I bring the Ducati!:cool:

i was on my sherco 290 dude trials bike;) you lot should make a trip dpwn here one day while the puddles are still huge :smiley: