Sunday Evening 13th may

Yipee - the rain has stopped and the forecast is dry for the rest of the evening!! Any body fancy a cuppa at the Ace?


Im at work now and have booked myself on until late !!!

doh - what you like!!

Well I’m gonna be a brave girl and go on my jacks in the hope that I see a familiar face or 2 when I get there

Whats a Grave Girl ?

You aint lurking about Church Yards looking suspect these days are you ?

oh bum - you quoted me! Just edited my spelling and was gonna make out you were losing the plot in your old age!!

Did you go?

you are braver than me, i have just mustard the guts to go to Box hill on my own, and i have been going there for a few years.

Yeah, I met RislaSV, GSXRAng and hubby there. It was good to get out as I was getting stir crazy!! I did a detour on the way home and went for a blast around Regents Park

ah shoulda text me, i got soaked coming to london on the A2, 40 miles in torrential rain!

Had to go for an evening ride around Essex to dry out, lol