++++++ Sunday April 22nd St George's Day ride out++++++++.

Dust off the Red and White as we will be riding out to honour England’s Patron Saint…Those who went last year dig out your medals and wear them with pride

Meet will be at The Ace! - Set off time to be advised!


Date - Sunday 22nd April 2007

Set Off Time - Meet Time 9:00 for a 9:30 set off!

Location - Ace Cafe - St Georges Mount and back again.

We’ll head off from the Ace. This will be a one group ride and will be lead by MattCBF600 (thanks Matt and your Tom Tom!). The route will be similar to last years for those that went. I need a couple of peeps to help out Flat’s and myself - one to help me at the tail and a couple of others to keep an eye on the group - a couple of First Aiders will be nice too.

The café that was used as meet point has been ruled out this year - she’ll have another fit so best avoided - BRING A SOMETHING TO EAT FOR THE LUNCH STOP!!! - plenty of parking but low on food facilities.

Cornerman system will be in operation! Again as on the France trip stop at the point given by the leader and wait for the 2 rear markers (I’ll be one of them) to pass you. There is no need to worry about being left behind - if people do the corner job properly then all will be well.

Remember the pace at the front is set by Matt based on the pace of the riders behind him so slower riders to the front please! - however we’ll sort all that out on the day however if you’re uneasy at speed don’t go at the back - it’s the fastest part of the group…

All please note - this is a fun ride out! Please respect all local traffic laws blah blah blah - no doubt they are watching threads like this so best of order ladies and gents please and let the show commence!

  1. MacP

  2. Flatout

  3. Mattcbf600 - Tom Tom operator

  4. Debz

  5. Shewoolf

  6. JT

  7. Smiled

  8. Barro

  9. Grimbusa

  10. Westfazer

  11. BigSV

  12. Loopy

  13. keti

  14. Chillednsorted

  15. ianxv1600

  16. Oggyplonk

  17. Paul600

  18. CFC

  19. CharlyBR600-RR

  20. Suzie C

  21. Terry- Moto

  22. Adz

  23. Danno

  24. Elad

  25. Dancbr600rider

  26. Andrea - Will confirm

  27. Ginger-Pixie

  28. Goose

  29. Richard 1069

  30. Adam h

  31. Mumg1

  32. Tug 1400

  33. Busa 55

  34. Jonny Zero

  35. Gridgirl

  36. Madscientist

  37. Samanthazx12R

  38. Mr Skins

  39. Stu SV

  40. Ginger

  41. Drei

  42. Little Miss T

  43. Ascot CBR

  44. 3zero3

  45. Mole

  46. Andyp69

  47. Python

  48. AbbeyJ

  49. Machine

  50. Maxfz1

  51. Sean077410

  52. Lady Pillion Rider

  53. Norfolknchance

  54. Madcow

  55. Renshi

56 Leon Richard

  1. ZX10R

  2. Foxy

Given I missed the last one, and even though I’m Welsh - you best put me down for this one definately!


Sounds great - up for this one too


Get mi name down there!

Being South African and not patriotic in the slightest… put my name down purrrrrrrrlease.

PS. I’m happy to be a mad corner person when we manage to get some of the mad hooners on board

Adam 1 and 2 are you up for it?

Flats & Loopy?
Blade? and the list goes on…

Yep will be there Lusty

loopy will be there too, although it seems very early to announce patrick didnt realise you had actually started a thread already its over four months away seems a bit premature.

its better doing a build it and they will come, than ask, then bulid it… but there you go!!! thats jus my opinion

but never mind it will be a great sucsess no doubt just worth pointing out if your not prepared to do the corner man and put a little effort in other than riding your bikes do not put your name down last year was excellent apart from that very thing

Ahhh it’s best to get this kind of thing in the diary early I always say - that way gives people more time to organise things :slight_smile:


so is that the way its gonna be now the top bods get it in early to steal the crown of past events??? would of been nice to have asked if i wanted to help or have any plans for another seeing as i had a large hand in the other one, i know its not anyones job especially mine but being asked if i was organising summin then seeing its already been done by the person who asked is a bit rough i guess it has to be seen as LB not andf individual or certain group of people … oh well never mind but my assistance is there if required

Diary updated, chuck me on the list please

I know, I heard a few people got left behind

Fair points there mate, however I’m keen to ensure that all the little details are covered early. And I know you love a c

It looks like this will be a popular ride so it will pay us dividends to plan - e.g stops cornermen etc. At this stage it’s just a date in the calendar (that reminds me I need a host to put it in the LB Calendar please)

I’m just trying to make sure we are ahead of the game with making arrangements at any stops etc.

So for now peeps keep lodging your interest!

sorry dude I don’t think any offence was meant I just think Patrick was being a bit proactive - nothing wrong with that - he’s just put a date down that’s all - everyone’s help is needed…! Yours more than anyones… you great big yella biker you… is this because I took the piss out of your tash in the urinal thread? It is init… go on admit it!


Pencilled here.

(Happy to do cornerman or rear gunner)

nothing wrong with that tash… its still stuck inside the inside of my wallet,

just making a point thats all but there isnt that much to plan unless you complicate things, the corner man works everytime but only if people do it religiously i have some ideas i could bring to the table that i would of implemented on a large ride but ill bring them to the table nearer the time if you want. i was jus makin that point thats all being asked then seeing its done already… but not dwelling on it i know for a fact by going on last years one that puppy neil and me did this will be more than one or two people could organise…

No worries dude! Anything you have will be welcome! I’ll buy you a tea next time I see you and we can have a chat!

i agree completely.

Put my name down. I’m happy to help as a corner man if I’m fast enough!!

And before anybody makes a comment about boxing day, I’ll make sure I know who the all important rear-gunner is