Sunday, April 13, 2014 - 125 friendly ride

With the weather looking pretty decent on Sunday, I was thinking about taking a little ride through Art’s back yard (subject to the relevant permissions).
Anybody who wishes to join in can meet at either Ace (leaving at 10:30) or High Beach Tea Hut (leaving at 11:30)
From there, a pretty standard route out to Chipping Ongar before picking up the B184 (fun) and then onto the B1057 (very fun) to Finchingfield for cake

The route back will probably take in a detour of Great Saling and Stebing just because the roads are cool, before heading back to High Beach Tea Hut.
I expect the total mileage to be around 115

This will be a ride at your own pace 125 friendly ride, corner-man will be used (if its necessary), no ass hats, white line overtakers, tossers or clown shoes.

Arrive with a full tank and for gods sake, relieve yourselves before setting off.

Permissions granted TheOC :wink:

I have instructed The Secretary for the State of Arts Back Yard to request and require in the name of Art all those whom it may concern to allow TheOC and his followers to pass freely without let or hindrance and to afford them such assistance and protection as may be necessary.

Enjoy your day and have a safe ride

It’s a given that ill be coming :slight_smile:

=[ ill have to put my helmet back down and say have fun all

I mite pop along for this with my son (125) but ill have to meet up @ the 414

I got to see what shift mrs soon to be wise is on

what time will you be at finchingfield?

if it means seeing you on an actual bike, rather than carrying a bag of bike parts, whatever time you want!! :w00t:

Seriously though, i reckon around 12:45 - 1:00

ah too early for me, I’ll see you another time!

jeez Mian, it’s 1 o’clock in the afternoon, what time do you stop dribbling into your pillow in the mornings?

hey don’t blame me, yo momma doesn’t untie me til late!

TW@ :laugh:

Let me know if you’re up for this and we’ll meet you at the BP at the junction of the 414 and fyfield road :slight_smile:

okey dokie

Im in .

Alas mrs soon to be wise is at work so I’ll be confirmed to barracks
I’ll have to let it pass

Im up for it!
See y’all sunday.

I can’t wait to see that pretty little bike again :slight_smile:

Add two more :slight_smile: Me and my sister (gixxerninja) will be meeting at Ace.

Ill be on a 125, so hopefully there will be another small bike to drag @rse with me!

Good stuff!
Will catch up tomorrow and get a list of some sort of who’s eating where.

Provided the weather’s good, I might make it out :slight_smile: