Sunday (anyone Tarding?)

I * may * go out for a run Sunday. Got That Bike back from the menders the other day and need my fix! Anyone having some?:w00t:

Not me mate, got a cold & feel like **** at the moment.

What was wrong with the bike after all?

Hope you had a good xmas.

Merry Christmas Moto!:kiss:

Had a cam chain. But was using oil like a mofo. I’m told this is cause the end can is blowing making the fuelling too rich and washing the bores. He told me first that the engineer had over-bored the cylinder. I have all the old bits back now so I’ll be send them to another engineer to be assessed. If it has been over-bored then my mans going to get a fuggin roasting in the small claims court. Its had a shed load of bearings and I had bought a spare top end from fleabay to keep for spares. These have been used too.

I wish i could, im seriously overdue a tarding fix… especialy now ive got a HD helmet cam :smiley: