Sunday 9th .

If any one is intrested, myself and Alex Gold are of for a bimble about tomorow, starting at dunstable downs at 10:30, heading north. melton mowbray will be the furthest north we go before heading south. will probably be very disorganized at times,but hey ho its sunday. will be progressive no doupt.

Will be checking my throttle body balancing and rad cap, which requires WOT at times, officer…

Wait for us.:slight_smile:

we certainly will, be good to see ya.

Got to the downs, looked at my tyre and gave myself a dishonourable discharge! Nursed it home, now safely parked up whilst I look into tyre options :open_mouth:

Lovely day, no rain, home safe and sound.

Thanks Jamie for a good day out.:slight_smile:

AG how often do you inspect your tyres :blink: you did’nt see that excessive wear coming ?

Every time I lube my chain…I knew it was squared off and low on tread but those cords suddenly jumped out at me! Even if I had seen it coming, the options were “look at it and hope it wouldn’t run out of tread” anyway as I’m broke ATM

Well 260 miles in total for me today, nearly all of them dry as well, bonus, although it was pretty windy at times. Shame Alex had to pull out at the last minuite. Thanks Chris and Julie for the company.