Sunday 9th ...Last Minute Ride Out from the Ace Cafe.

A bit late I know but hey ho. If anyone wants to join me for an airing , I am heading out from the Ace Cafe at 10.00 . Destination H cafe…eventually.
A couple of other ports of call on the way, namely, Dunstable Downs, and Turweston aerodrome … Good roads in between…should be fun…
Cheers Richard.

If you don’t know me This is what to look out for if at the Ace…


Hi Duffnut, only just seen this, (wednesday night!!) thinking of getting out to wales if the weather improves anytime soon, PM me your phone number and I’ll drop you a text when out and about. Had a trip to stratford with Brian and Sue last Sunday.   Seems the Jets are being missed :frowning:

I can’t wait. I want to go to wales again. (And I have Duffnut on Whatsapp so will let him know when we decide to go)

I miss the Jets. 

Hi Guys…just seen your replies.
You have probably worked out this ride was a few weeks back.
Currently on my hols in Peru .
Will try and post up a few ride outs when I return. Got a few new routes in mind …Be good to see you all at somepoint soon…
Cheers all…Richard.