Sunday 9th June New to big bike and 125 friendly ride .

Point one . . no I have no planned route as yet ! so ask if you wish but you will not get answered !
Unsure of weather possibilities at present so if its horrible I aint going

Right pace is as title says suitable for lower cc and lesser ability/confidence
Depart the Ace Cafe at 11.00
This will only be around 100-120 mile mark
Possibility of pub lunch but may not
cornermarker system in play We
sensible idiots only please !
as its trumphh day at Ace my bike will stand out even more . . .blue j reg kawasaki gtr1000 with poppy on front . top box with think bike and rttw sticker on. its generally parked with all the other rubbish (next to bins )
myself . white flip front nitro helmet . . if weather allows lewis mesh jacket. . I may even make a sign up :wink:

Ok think my arms been twisted see you there :smiley:

Wot! no pub lunch? Do we need to bring sandwiches:D

Will you be passing Box Hill on route?

Thanks for texting me Tim, but I will be on day 2 of a DAS course and I doubt I could blag convincing my students that day 2 of a DAS course involves a ride-out with LB… :wink:

Enjoy the ride though…

it has been known on one of my rides . there may be a pub lunch but until I decide where the feck I am heading .:wink: . but there will be lunch stop

sadly no . . I know that much of the route

Interested, but not sure of plans. *Vara 125 ridden as fast as it will go… :wink:


DAS on the way then Fazer S2 for starters :slight_smile:

Not 100% sure but hoping to make it :smiley:

Martin and I have decided to meet at the Ace at 10.30am instead of Box on Sunday to look at the Triumphs and practise cornering for my track day - so maybe see you folks there and we may indeed join part of your ride or meet for lunch or whatever. Anyway it will be nice to see you again Tim.

See you in the morning , still 11.00 o’clock ?? You having a lie in :stuck_out_tongue:

routes planned …

pub lunch

yes 11am leave

see you there folks

I’ve been watching the thread, but the confirmed attendance is looking low by my reckoning…?

Does anyone know how many are going? I’m in if there is a decent turnout? I’ll check back on the thread about 10am, just enough time for a s**t, shave n shower and arrive in good time. :slight_smile:


Vara 125, DAS imminent >>> Fazer S2 :smiley:

Martin and I are meeting at the Ace at half ten and may join also.
BTW the Bushcraftbarmy the amount of people on a ride does not determine its quality or how much fun it is :slight_smile:

Turnout for Tims rides is usually higher than the amount of people that bother to reply on here

I’m hangover free so I may join in. I’ve been riding less than a year, do I still qualify as new to big bikes?? I’m on a black triumph so I may be well camouflaged at the Ace today, I’ll look for the blue kwikasfaki.

Hey, us lurkers that never post are what makes turning up to a rideout so exciting! LoL. See you there.

Well that is true :smiley:

but i wasnt refering to those in the know :wink:

Lovely to see you all at the Ace and accompany you to Twyford, where Martin and I peeled off for a mystery tour of Oxfordshire roads and roast lamb. Just back and hope you all had a great day!