Sunday 9th April TOWiE goes to a cafe or three

Sunday 9th April TOWiE goes to a cafe or three. Allow 250 to 300 miles depending on your start and finish locations.

Meeting at The Bungalow Diner, London Road, Marks Tey at 0830 hours for an 0900 departure on some proper twisty tarmac to The Silver Ball Cafe for a steamy mug of tea and comfort break.

Departing The Silver Ball Cafe, London Road, Reed at 1130 for some more proper twisty tarmac to The Super Sausage Cafe for lunch. Departing The Super Sausage Cafe on a more or less reversed route back to Birchanger Green Services (M11 junction 8) from where you can make your own way home.

A moderate paced, non-motorway ride employing the corner man system as required. Arrive on a roadworthy bike with a full tank of fuel and an empty bladder. Ride safely, at your own pace and enjoy the day.

If you’re unfamiliar with the corner man system check out Andy’s most excellent Ride out Guide below

Am In :slight_smile:

Love to but she’s working again

have fun NT, would love to meet up at super sausage but I think its still of limits for me after Jo Willey turned up last year !!

What’s your eta at Super Sausage?

If all goes according to plan 1400, although in real life that may  be 1430.

Is that 17.00 if there are Triumphs in the group and all the breakdowns have been dealt with? :grin:

I’ve got to go over to Scorch’s to pick up some newly shiny fairing in the morning, so if I get my finger out and don’t do my usual amount of faffing around, I’ll try and head back over to SS in the afternoon. It’s a shame I can’t combine both missions, but hey ho.

If we sees you we sees you if not we’ll catch up another time. At times I miss my old Triumph and unlike other Triumphs it never spent any time in any workshops other than mine where it got proper job servicing inline with a proper maintenance schedule. Used and abused for three years (40,000 miles) and it never missed a beat.

May be there’s something in ‘low tune, low maintenance’.

Mr Janey has helpfully pointed out that I’ve got my days befuddled. Again. We’re actually heading the opposite direction on the Sunday to Prescott Bike Festival and Hill Climb in Glos.

Easily done with your busy schedules I guess, enjoy yourselves.

We are busy first thing Sunday morning (sleeping) so we won’t get to the bungalow by 9.00.

But we could meet you at the silver ball unless there is another meeting point between Marks Tey and Royston at 10 or 10.30-ish

Been there and done that to the sound of the church bells, you just mind an emergency service vehicle don’t fly past :wink:

We’ll be passing through Finchingfield around 10 am wasn’t intending to stop but for you we’ll make an exception, let us know.

we’ll be there

Need to get out one weekend. But that’s wifey time.

Thanks to NT for leading and BL for TG. Great roads. Great weather. Decent cafes.

Fantastic ride

Didn’t we have a lovely day the day we went to the Super Sausage and they certainly know how to serve a sausage too.

Front tyre scrubbed in.

Happy days

Cheers all. For anyone riding around Herts, Baldock to Buntingford Rd is well worth seeking out. :slight_smile:

We did it Sat in car after 10 mile walk. Most relaxing as Mrs J drove (beer involved so girls rule applied) like a granny. Never noticed the scenery there before :slight_smile:

Thought we saw you at H Cafe today it’s been so long xx


Yes, we introduced BL to The Baldock Bends. West to east and east to west to be sure to be sure and then some.