Sunday 9 January

OK folks - sorry we’re a little late on the New Year Rideout this time but it`ll be worth the wait - the weather forecast for Sunday is Baking Hot and Sunny:D:DA little later start this week, depart the Ace at 10.30 due to the meet-up the night before

But apart from that we`re starting the year as we mean to go on - no nobbers, 125s, Harleys or people with contagious diseases! Turn up with a full tank, back around dark. Ride at your own risk. Cornerman system will be in action.

This ride may include a visit to an LB member unable to join us due to:

So please bring some grapes. :D:D

Ooh I was wondering when this was going to happen :smiley:

I haven’t been on a good rideout in ages. Gotta check the Christmas damage of the wallet before I commit;)

Well it won’t be the usual 300-miler, just a gentle pootle out in the sunshine. Go on, you know you want to;)

I want to go out on saturday too but I’m still ill. Contagious, so I gotta decide on the day as to if it has cleared up or not. It’s a virus so NO nothing in or on the sexy bits ;):stuck_out_tongue:

Too bad mate. Sorry to hear about your non-sexy bits and your illness, but you’ve got yourself on the banned list for this one now (see updated first post):w00t::smiley:

hahaha fair enough. I know it’s the gift that keeps on giving but I think I’ll be greedy and keep it to myself. Maybe next time you can get some man flu from me if you’re a good boy :smiley:

I,m interested. Is this a friends only thing or can anyone join.?
Any idea of the route?

It’s open to anyone that’s not contagious or on a 125 that’s being a knobber :smiley:

so that’s me out then :stuck_out_tongue:

contagious disease, yep me too:w00t: fecking cold:w00t: see you on the next one chris;)

Anyone can join in so long as they meet the criteria in the first post:D

If there is a group we will be using the cornerman system - read here so that everyone can ride at their own pace and not get lost.

The route will not be made up until the night before but will include some fast twisty country roads and maybe some motorway on the way back, hence no 125s. It will be a full day out from 10.30 to dark and could be anything from 150 - 250 miles (possibly a shortish day as we are starting out late).

GWS Jaime, if you’re better by Sunday we’d love to see you:kiss:

Ok I’m in unless there is a huge change in the predicted weather. Never been out with you before, so I’ll be there early.:cool:

Look forward to seeing you:) We’ll be there shortly after 10.00.

I’ll be out Sunday.

Not on the new sportsbike though. On the enduro bike gettings ball deep in mud. Theres where its at.

Riding the roads in this weather is shite. Get Muddy in the winter. Way forward. Green Laning

Ball deap in mud? So thats up to the ankles then…:D:P

directly related on how much drinking the night before, should be out for the first rideout of the year the day after :smiley:

got so many cobwebs dont even know where to start counting :smiley:

I’m still in hibernation. I’ll be there in spirit though.

Flying out on Sunday, so won’t be joining you guys - but have a good one Jets :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha ha - we will be at the night before too, we can all share a pint of shandy:D

Very very sorry that we were away in the Lake District most of the time of your visit Nick, and did not get to see you. Safe journey:kiss: