Sunday 8th October ....Wellesbourne Aerodrome Ride Out.

@ Janey, Brian Nicholson says hi and he would love to see your new purchase :grin:

Does that mean that you’ve had your new bike over there to be set up? When do we get to see it???

As soon as I’m good to go on rideouts again…hopefully next week :blush:

Nooooooooooooo :slight_smile:

Nice pics Janey. Good to see you and Tim again, ( hope the squeeze helped a little). Indeed, good to see everyone who came along. I think we had nine bikes at one point, so a nice little turn out.
Thanks one and all for coming along…
Have to do it again sometime…Cheers Richard


I big thanks from me for organising and leading. Your route-finding was awesome and the pace was just right. Perfect weather topped it off.

Nice meeting you all.



Good to meet you Michael . Glad you enjoyed it mate…Cheers

Good run, it’s alway nice to meet new people and put names to faces.  Even if I can remember the names.  :slight_smile: