Sunday 7th June 2015 late call TOWiE

A 175 mile meander around Arts Backyard and beyond

High Beech Tea Hut 10am

A moderate paced, non-motorway ride employing the corner man system as required. Arrive on a roadworthy bike with a full tank of fuel and an empty bladder. Have with you sufficient funds to cover the costs of fuel and nibbles for the day. No knobbers, boy racers, girl racers, white line overtakers or late brakers. Vegetarians, nail glue and everyone else welcome.

Ride safely, at your own pace and enjoy the day.

If you’re unfamiliar with the corner man system check out Andy’s most excellent Ride out Guide below

Alarm set, see you there

Pre ride checks complete, tyres kicked, just need to fill the tank and I’m on my way.

Alarm dismissed. Brekkie time

I did see your other post about an Epping meet up, but after due consideration, High Beech is way too much of a pita for me to get to these day! Shame, as I could really do with catching up with you brains about CSS. Instead, I’m out playing Billy no mates over on the NW side. LoL :grin:

It would have been worth the extra effort Janey. We did a proper tea hut cuppa at High Beech while chatting with Robert, Ricky and their mate who’d dropped in after their BCR. Before setting off we carried out the usual pre ride checks as you do and found the GSXR had a proper old school oil leak reminiscent of an old BSA.

We did the B1057 without stopping at Bosworth’s but we did pull over to check the GSXR’s oil leak. We did Newmarket, the race course road, ice cold canned drinks at Walkers and more checking of the GSXR’s oil and oil leak. We did the A134 and, on fatty’s insistance, a proper rack of ribs pub lunch. They’d run out of pie and the OAP’s had nicked all the cake, it was the bar maids 25th. We settled on impromptu checking of the GSXR’s oil and oil leak for starters and desert. We also managed to fit in a how to fix a broken Sat Nav mount with under the seat cable ties.

It seems as if we spent most of the day checking the GSXR’s oil and oil leak. The GSXR spent most of the day leaking oil, that right boot is going to be waterproof forever. If BSA were still around they’d have made an on the spot offer on it.

Great day had indeedy

I thought the stops were you A Teaming your satnav mount, anyway we wer fed:

But the day didn’t end there, bumped into Alba and Slan on the way back, seems they caught up with a cager that wolf whistled them:

Hi Janey, email me and I will pass on details

Desmond, it seems like your destined to help damsells in distress :smiley:
lovely bumping into you, that accident was proper sick i was pondering if the car would get up in flames so i waited before deciding to take my chances over the broken glass, Ruth decided to take the coolant side instead :smiley:
sorry we lost you after the petrol stop, i had to keep up with the group as Leo likes to take strange detours

Looks like you all had a proper exciting day out. What happened to the upside down car inhabitants? Hope all were OK.

Is the LB photo thing working now or do you have some special technical method Des??

We were unfortunately grounded due to radiator malfunction but spent the day preparing for our trip and Mrs J has packed her little knapsack, spending the day with completely dry ears :slight_smile:

The occupant seemed fine, l believe he was the gut moving the rubble.

Des now is it?

“Use a free uploader service (IMGUR etc) to host and then just paste the URL to the pic” said Hogtrumpet in the wanna buy an er6n thread.

Well we thought Des was a bit nicer than fatty but if you prefer …

Hope nobody was injured. What’s missing? How does a car end up on its roof on what appears to be a perfectly straight road?

I want to hear the drivers tale

Note to self: leave the dusting and other domestics in the morning and get my arsh out on a rideout when it’s posted! It looks like and eventful day.