Sunday 6th November 2016 TOWiE

Meeting at The Bungalow Diner, Marks Tey at 0800 hours GMT for an 0830 to 0900 departure on twisty tarmac to The High Beech Tea Hut.

Meeting at The High Beech Tea Hut at 1030 hours GMT for an 1100 hours departure, or there abouts, to somewhere else /discuss

A moderate paced, non-motorway ride employing the corner man system as required. Arrive on a roadworthy bike with a full tank of fuel and an empty bladder. Have with you sufficient funds to cover the costs of fuel and nibbles for the day. No boy racers, no girl racers, no white line overtakers and no fords (apparently). Everyone else welcome.

Ride safely, at your own pace and enjoy the day.

If you’re unfamiliar with the corner man system check out Andy’s most excellent Ride out Guide below just in case more than a handful of riders turn out.

Forecast 2 degrees at 8am tomorrow., tempting, but I’ll be out for my morning jog.

Sorry got early football duty

Up the Arse Des?

now there’s a thought , bluelagos out jogging, is that from the back door to the car Nick,cause its raining !!

I’m thinking the old bluelagos we knew so well may have been abducted by aliens and returned not quite as he was

It would have been worth riding to Essex to see BL out for a jog but sadly illness prevents :(    

Have fun x

You lot seriously think I would go out jogging in this weather? Hot coffee, bacon sarnie and the Sunday papers for me :slight_smile:

It would have been worth riding to Essex to see BL out for a jog but sadly illness prevents :(    
Have fun x
Hi Stranger

Is it fixed and GWS

Today’s TOWiE included 150 smiles on the A113, B184, B1057, A1124 and then a dropped 250 :-((

Nothing serious, a slow low side through gravel on a right hander resulting in a slightly bent front brake lever, ditto rear brake pedal, light scratching to N/S wing mirror, ditto exhaust, some lost fluids and dented pride. Crash bungs did what they do best, should be an easy fix in time for an MOT the week after next.

Ouchey … hope you ok ? BUT How you manage a n/s mirror and brake levers and pedal … ?

I’m fine thanks Tim it was a really slow low side and well spotted that’ the O/S mirror

Glad you’re able to report, should have joined you as the boy, who’s team are punching well above their weight lost 8-1

As long as they enjoyed their morning. I knew of a School team some years back, King Solomon High School, they regularly lost 10+ to nil. Then after three seasons without scoring a goal they put one in the back of the net, the celebrations lasted all week and you’d have thought they just lifted the FA Cup.

Glad to hear nothing serious NT. CBFs are way better with battle scars anyway :slight_smile:

Its coming along nicely, I’ve seen worse :wink:


Glad your off wasn’t to serious NT. might get one of mine MOT’d if I find time in my hectic schedule.

Glad yer OK, were the fluids bodily or bike related?

If it was me, probably both!
Good to hear it’s not too bad a spill.