Sunday 6th May 2012. Mrs Js birthday rideout.

Now Mrs J is officially “of age” we can anounce that we are a couple.
Mrs J in her late teenage years is enthusiastic beyond comprehension that our/her friends join us for the frenzy that is her 18th birthday.
She thinks we should have a rideout on Sunday to give everyone a chance to bring presents and kiss her.
She should have recovered from her her 6th form prom as thats on Friday.( Ill not say where as LB is renown for its predatory males.) So, if I can get up that early, being 40 years her senior Im not sure I can, she plans to leave the Ace at 9.30am.
The destination, probablly a little known dogging site within an hours ride of London will be announced nearer the time.
Mrs J is so excited at the prospect of this fun birthday treat, I hope and pray the community will not let us down.
Mrs J says no 125s but shes a big fan of Harleys, shell grow out of it I`m sure.

MHRs Mrs J

You know the deal Jetstreams if I wake up on time I should be there.

Checking the weather

Would love to join you, once the weather is ok…

(I am not a fair weather rider, just that I have been riding in the rain every day for the past 2 weeks for work, so a bit fed up of it…)

GSR MOT has run out and courtecy of flat tyre last night couldn’t get it updated yesterday. If I can get it done on the w/e, I will join you all :slight_smile:

If I do not then Many Happy Returns from now and see you one the next one :smiley:

I will be there with knobs on, provided the weather doesn’t demand a wetsuit and snorkel.
Happy birthday in advance Mrs J.

Any chance of meeting you somewhere later? I’ve got to take the kids to swimming lessons in the morning, the wife is working this weekend, but I’ll be free around 11:30 or so…I could take the motorway in whichever direction you’re headed and meet at the lunch stop!

its suppose to be sunny all day sunday, are we going some where special:)

Aww … happy birthday Mrs J :slight_smile: I’d love to come but am taking a bunch of bikers deep into Wales. You’re welcome to join us! :slight_smile:

Happy 18th Mrs J

Happy B day :slight_smile:

Will likely/hopefully make it along.

North south east or west? Either way im pretty sure i can make it

Jonah springs to mind…

Happy birthday Mrs J. If the weather looks good i may well join you if you dont mind. Bit of a newby here.


All will be revealed on Saturday! (after looking at the weather map). Look forward to seeing everyone, somewhere.

Rosso, your neck of the woods looks quite favourable at the mo:D

Sounds good to me :smiley:

This first sunday off I have in a while, and I’m forced into missing this.

Happy birthday to the wonderful woman that is Mrs J :smiley:

Will be in Bath kicking seven shades out of the uni football team

not sure I can make mrs J’s coming out party - have guests staying for weekend :slight_smile:

happy birthday mrs J, we hope you have a grand day and plan to bring you back something hot, young and exotic from our travels:D

:smiley: Cor that sounds good - when do you get back??:w00t::smiley: