Seasons Greetings fellow bikers,

Last year (2008) we rode in the pouring rain and the freezing cold, it wasn’t exactly biking weather, and those that attended will vouch for that!

Why did we ride?
We rode to make some very ill children smile,
We rode to make a difference,
and we rode because we care.

2009 has been a hard year for us all financially due to the economy.
In a world that is struggling to cope with unemployment, redundancies and repossessions, my thoughts also turn to the local charities.
Local charities like the Little Haven’s children’s Hospice.
We all know the benefits of what this charity is able to provide these very ill children, but without you and your donations they cannot keep up the great work they do.

Little Haven’s have asked for us to ride again for them this Christmas.

Little Haven’s have asked that for December 2009, would we be kind enough to donate money this year.
Should you be feeling very generous, a money donation and a NEW small toy or book would be gratefully accepted and appreciated.

Thank you for your support once again, without you, and your kindness, charities like Little Haven’s will not be able to provide the level of care that the children deserve.

Fancy dress is welcomed on this ride with special prizes given to the best on the day.

Meeting: Thurrock Services M25 junction 30/31, car park
Time: 09:00 to 09:20am to ride at 09:30am to Corringham Village Hall, Corringham, Essex.

Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, and cake will be available at the hall.

Let’s do something amazing to end 2009 in a special way…please remind everyone about this ride.

Contact me: [email protected]
pm me through LB
or through

I will try and get along again this year Mike.

Please see if you can arrange some better weather this time though mate:)

im in

me too and lets hope the weathers better, just gotta think of a better costume now :smiley:

That was a great costume mate, just a shame about the rain. Maybe this year the plastic bags will stay on:P

I’m in again! :smiley:



i loved the costumes of everyone last year…lets hope that rain dont show its head again !! Funny how we all had cold wet gloves,and jkts etc, freezing rotten weather, yet it werent that bad really…cos it felt good inside to be doing something for those kiddies that day!! :slight_smile:

altough its the same day as the reading toy run ill be there buddy

I will be there without doubt

It will not matter how cold it will be, 4 days later I will be in the sunshine.:cool:

I hope to come on this again…got to think of another fancy dress outfit! :smiley:

Be there for sure Mike;)

Working on a theme for the bike:w00t: goto top last year;)

Oh bugger!! Just realised that me and Curtis can’t make it :frowning: We will be oooop north at my mates wedding!!

Would be an honour to do this so please put me down bman, just have to think of a good costume. Nothing worse than getting there to find somebody wearing the same outfit! :smiley:

Great response so far…

As for costumes this year I think it’s going to be hard to pick winners, those that do put themselves out by making costumes…thank you.
You know the looks that you get as you ride past the cars on the road…“look Mum, there goes the Three Kings, a Christmas Tree, a Snowman, and about forty Santas”. ha ha

This ride is very satisfying, heart felt and gives us a sense of pride in a world that can sometimes seem very dark and uninviting.

Let’s make a difference.

Fancy dress prizes for the most inventive costumes festive or non festive, come on make us smile.

Count me in :smiley:

I am up for this one. Missed last years due to last minute changes.

What a great way to spend my birthday !

Im in !

Cool, that is a huge commitment.:wink:

ive posted this to bandit owners club forum, hope thats ok

All good, I hope you can make it, the more the merrier, don’t forget to mention fancy dress!