Sunday 6th Chichester via the 28's

Anybody fancy joining I’ll be leaving Hampton at 10, but would be happy to meet in Milford if folk are interested. Forecast is 10 - 15 degrees low wind any NO rain! light lunch down south and head back.

Ah! That’s the one I led last summer, when we did the unintentional tour of Godalming car park - Happy days!! Have fun Dave - looking forward to getting back out there - hopefully by March if all goes well. Must admit when I see all of the rideouts being organised, my heart aches - miss it soooo much.

And you will be sorely missed lovely, wish you could ride with us. I’m back in london this weekend so i’ll pop in for a cuppa soon.

That would be super - dance card is starting to fill up for next week, so just give me a wee bit of warning, so I don’t double book you!! Hope you’ve had a lovely time over xmas and new year.