Sunday 6th. Anyone for South Wales.

Weather looks good for Sunday, so going for a bimble around south Wales, usual hangouts, through the Forest of Dean, Monmouth, Abergavenny, Sennybridge, and more.
Meeting point at Burford tea hut, just of the A40 on the A361 towards Leachlade, not a million miles from the golf club entrance. 10am start. Did this route earlier in the year with Jetstream, and it was a good crack. Probably wont go if its raining, but you never know. Final decision on Saturday night.

Enjoy :slight_smile:
We’ll be having fun with a lawnmower

have fun putting the stripes back in the lawn.

Will be out and about but not that far…

you could turn round at Monmouth :slight_smile:

If you fancy a good run out you could always pop up for dinner and an overnight but we’re Rav-ing it & not taking The Minge

I am meant to be at foo fighters at Milton Keynes Saturday night, so will have to be another time :frowning:

I might come. Was thinking of some kind of a trip away from the city during the weekend.

Bike could do with a blast but it’s my son’s first attempt at competitive football.

Wales? I’m not even going to try and make excuses why I’m not going to join you for a ride to Wales!!!


Depending on how wrecked Tim is after a week of nights, I might try and persuade him that we should pop over and see you in the morning before you go

Dam Wales and lake district are 2 places I want to get to on the bike,early start and trackday Saturday means I need to relax on Sunday.

Meeting at Burford? That’s halfway there!

Ok, ignore me. Just looked on the map where Buford is :smiley: Takes almost 2 hours for me to get there alone!

In mate! See you at burford!

it takes me I hour to do the ace from where I live75 miles away, oh that includes a petrol stop and getting digs in the back from the pillion, lol.
If the suns out believe me the views/roads are worth it. Good to have you along Tim
Janey would be good to see ya as well, if you can get up, lol.
The last time I did this ride Mr Jetstream came along, was a right blast.

Bloody hell i could just keep going and visit the folks on home turf …will see as not happy with recent new rear tyre that marrs my confidence a tad !

TimR we could go to your folks for afternoon tea and cakes.

As tempting as Welsh Wales is, and I need to visit Cardiff too, there’s some local shenanigans going on here.

Another time

Another time for sure, have fun!

Rosso, by Burford tea hut you mean HUFFKINS? If not, could you pinpoint it on Google Maps?