Sunday 6.3.16 Mr J Comes Out. (Orphans Rideout)

OK  - so you should know that Sunday 6th March is Mothering Sunday so before you all come out with yer excuses, let’s get it out of the way and remind you all to send Mum a card and book Interflora right now. (I dont need to as Im an orphan)

Then:   Meet to depart the Ace at 9.30 am with full tanks and empty bladders for a country ride to a biker café where we will not be bothered by Mums being taken out for lunch.  I will get a chance to air my new birthday present (it’s 7th March in case you want to bring cake etc).  

Pick up point for any southern softies, Ryka`s (Box Hill) 10.30 am.

No nobbers or 125s (sorry).   Ride at yer own risk and observe the cornerman system if more than 3 turn up.  

This will be the last chance to see me before I get a year older, so make the most of it girls. (Let`s hope the weather is still crisp as “I love the sight of a perky nipple in the morning”)

Your supposed to post a ride out for tomorrow first

Can’t do a ride out tomorrow NT. Next week will be fine. Meeting an old L.B er tomorrow in Henly on Thames. Around 12ish if any one is about .

I don’t suppose the first stop will be at H’s?

From one orphan to another, I’ll be in Portugal so enjoy your day

may be,  if I can get her indoors up early enough !!

Your supposed to post a ride out for tomorrow first National Treasure
Sorry we're doing a 14 mile walk with 7 hills tomorrow.  Mrs J will be gagging for  a rest on the back of a bike next week.  However we see that Rosso will be sorting you all out in the morning so that should be fine for those who can't wait til 6th March :)

Whoops. we’ve had a lie in.

We might grace you with our presence :kissing_heart:. I’ve got the when, but were are you going to be lowering the tone of Henley?

H and Henley are all just around the corner. Up for a cuppa or two. Do have a bit of work to get on with but this would be a welcome distraction.

So when is the bike going home ?
Minge Ln

Where are we with the like button?

Having being orphaned last year, I should be up for this. Assuming I remember to charge the batteries!

Sorry but I’ve rented myself out for that weekend. Helping my mate move house.

If we’re in double figure, then I’m in :slight_smile:

Well supposed, it is very unlikely

I’ll be tup north visiting my mum :blush: Good to see the weather is picking up, need to get on a ride out soon!

OK slackers, anyone else thinking about it???

Guess you all got phased as it`s my birthday the next day and thought:-

A. What can I get him as a present?

B. Do I want to ride with such an old bloke?

C. Chris is so hot Im afraid Ill wet my knickers and how embarrasing would that be?

Well dont worry, no presents, just flowers. Im not that old till the next day and “plus ca change”.

yep, all depends on the meteo for me, mes putain gants sont pas très chaud, but would love to join in.

Option C for me. Apart from still not having a working bike I’ll be pouring much free champagne for mothers all day.