Sunday 5th July. Destination Weymouth.

Depart the Ace 9.15 prompt with full tanks and hearts of oak.
We will avoid any showers taking on fish and chips on the seafront before returning over the Sandbanks ferry and through the New Forest.
Home before bedtime.

I’ll aim for 8am, then when I’m an hour late I’ll still be in time for a steamy Rosie Lee and a squeeze of the sponge


You in then Desi???

Is Wiltshire safe?

Off course, been further developments on the mowing front, so the sofa or tent space may need booking

@ NT - Wiltshire is as safe as it ever was - we may be riding The Road The Police Were On On That Day - but we’ll obviously being very law-abiding Yer Honour. Plus you won’t be tailgunnig anyway, that will be Desmond’s delight :slight_smile:

@ Desi - we’ll talk Cumbria tomorrow :slight_smile:

The Team should be pleased to know that Geoff B will be at the coffee stop to join us, Rosso is meeting us en route so no late departure - we leave on time not to keep them waiting.

It’s mackerel and chips for lunch then :slight_smile: …see you guys at the carpet town :wink:

At last sat by the computer, yes I’m in, helmets polished, boots cleaned, bike fuelled up, and fairly clean, tyres checked (there’s 2 of them, cant be arsed to check pressure!!!) her back rest will be fitted in the morning before departure (top box).
Have I missed anything?
See you by the dogging zone in the morning. :slight_smile:

If the rear has enough rubber left when I check it in the morn. I will see you at the Ace.Hopefully it has got what I presume is circa 300 miles left on it.

see you tomorow. red vfr check.

I’m up for this, see you at the ace :slight_smile:

Mackeral & chips works for me. Will be good to catch up Geoff, are we venturing into Devon and/or Somerset?

Waterproof or ventilated, that is the question. Whether 'tis nobler to suffer the heat and stay dry or remain cool and possible get wet?

‘Have I missed anything’


Warn and moist is the answer art

I preferr mine warm but every now and then care should be exercised :slight_smile:

MrsB has told me to stop being soft a come join you. Can’t argue with the Boss. See you at the Ace.

Might be 5 minutes late. Will be on black Honda hornet

i m here now

A meetup with the sexiest LB couple and a quick bimble, I thought. About a hundred miles and less than a tank a fuel, I thought. Beat the rain and get get home early, I thought.

That all kinda went t-up, didn’t it?!? LoL :grin:.

We’ve only just got home. Cheers for the company, the route and the fields of smack. I think Tim’s a broken man (not solely through my doing this time) as it’s the first group rideout he’s done for yonks.