Sunday 4th .................. Who's Interested?

So im on the fence about going out - SO i thought i would see who else is around to see if it inspires me to commit to a ride.

SO I would be thinking 9.30 am leave the ace - Norfolk run. about 250 miles - avoiding rain at all costs. very little if any motorway.

At this point i’m just seeing who else is interested, i may just stay at home.

The pace will be Brisk - but as its alot of miles it will be well within all large bike riders ability. NO 125’s or commuter only riders sorry.

Cornerman system will be in use (once i confirm)


I was toying with the idea too…:wink:

I guess I’m interested then :smiley:

I’m interested :smiley: Been under the weather for a few days though, so I’ll have to make a decision tomorrow too. Happy to help :stuck_out_tongue:

Im not going to go out on a big one.

I will text you if i have a small run!

would be up for it if you go

I’ll be up for that! will you post up tomorrow if your going 100%?

I’m confused…do I need to wake up early or not?? :S

is this happening today???

Hey guys

We want to leave the ace at 10.30am - we will leave at 11am.

Sightly shorter run or we can get back a little later - im thinking we do my northern run to chipping norton.??

Let me know who’s keen. I will be there at 10.30 for a tea!!

Late entry… c u at the Ace 11ish :slight_smile:

running late, on my way now, be there 11 latest!

I’m here. Woohoo for Geoff! :smiley:

Thanks James that was a good little blast today… enjoyed that :slight_smile:

Few pictures …


Home safe, great roads and great company, hope you all found your way home.

Was alot of fun, sorry i pissed off on the A41 near the end, i was close to home and lost my patience with the Merc driver who would not move over, im guessing he held you all up also. Still pinning it right in front of him on loose stones should have left a nice reminder of the day on his paint work:w00t:

Shame it started to rain but we managed to get ahead of the storm. Alex let me know if you decided to book silverstone on Friday.

thanks for the pictures Geoff! they’re not as ‘picturesque’ as usual but i guess we didnt stop that often :smiley:

T Shirts over leathers what’s that all about ? (looks a bit gay) :smiley:

It’s a good look mate, you stick to your socks and sandals lol was a good day shame about the weather at the end

IM not gay, your only gay if you take it…