Sunday 4th July - The Star-Spangled Banner up to Boston for a tea party, bring yer own tea bags.:smiley:

As a special concession for one day only Harley Davidsons and Buells welcome:w00t:

This ride sponsored by BP;)UPDATE*OK - Route sorted - it’s a 300 mile+ route so setting off from the Ace 9.00 am sharp - Please note this SpereVisiting the Boston Stump and the site of the Pilgrim Fathers Memorial. Meeting Kevsta en route:)Takes in the infamous B5057 (fantastic biking road)Market Harbourough to Melton Mowbray - Tugs and Rosso’s favourite:DRide at your own risk as usual, sorry no 125s or learners. There will be a voluntary minimum £2 collection per person for the LAA on this rideThere may be a chance to do the famous Prikwillow Road the wrong way round, and the BCR on the way home for the not-too-faint-hearted:w00t:

I am supposed to be doing something else, but for a special relationship I might change my plans.

Don’t forget yer guitar:w00t:

Damn! Can’t go.

Next time… as will be suffering withdrawal symptoms from Jetstream outings.

I think new York is near Boston (in Lincs) :slight_smile:

Got some tyres to scrub in so count me in:D

After missing this weeks , Im also in if youll have me !

If your going to Boston in Lincilonshire, I’ll join you on route.

You didn’t think we were headed for the Massachusetts one, did ya??:w00t::smiley:

You never know… :w00t::stuck_out_tongue:

Yewhaw! I’m in.

(will try not to lose keys etc this time :wink:

Sounds like fun :smiley:

When you have a route planned, let me know I’ll then work out where to meet you.

The little grey cells are working on it ATM. We might need a coffee somewhere en route where you could meet us!:DEDIT:This spectacular destination has now been identified as Melton Mowbray - if you want to take in the twisty bit beforehand it could be Market Harborough.

Might have some of this, bike is back on the road tomorrow if all goes to plan

Oh No Alex!! Why is the bike off the road? Hope all is OK.

It’s been off the road since Silverstone to (finally) repair the damage it came with and the additional damage I caused when I crashed it :Whistling:

Now back and fully resprayed, just got to do a bit of t-cut tomorrow

Oh no dont think i can make this. The track bike is being picked up this sunday to go to its new home.

If it falls through though will be in touch.

Have a safe one

Sure we can arrange for some slim young renagade to whisk of the delectable Mrs Rosso to biker heaven and beyond!:wink:

Melton Mowbray should be a fine stop for a cuppa and pork pie. :smiley: