Sunday 4.3.12

A possible ride out for those who do.

Ace 10.00 for breakfast and route discussions and touchy feely sex.

Should we progress, intimate wetness will be a point of weakness.

125 and Tim R friendly, we are members of a broad church.

So rock up an see what you do or don`t miss.

Also TDJ friendly:D

Its my birthday on the 7th and if you dont turn up I`ll take it as a personal affront.:angry:

When is the Pooh Sticks rideout???

weather is for heavy rain from 6am till 9pm… ehm… I know you haven’t had a ride in a few months but I just cleaned my bikes today and one of them is still in bits!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

dear Mr & Mrs J, i wish i could join on your first comeback rideout but my wrist is so stiff i cant even wave you guys off :laugh:
best wishes for the weather as well :slight_smile:

Buy a Rabbit, save yer wrist.:smiley:

When it`s dry.:smiley: xxx

We find your reply febrile.:slight_smile:

never had that problem Mr J, as i mentioned before a lady knows best when it comes to lubrication :smiley:

Glad to see you back in the saddle! :slight_smile:

If I can finally shake this darned persistent cold, I’ll see you at the Ace.

Sorry, when it`s dry was a reply to Serrisan.

We know you are the lubriction Queen and always wet, but are you ambidextrous?:stuck_out_tongue:

oh dear that was funny, thanks for that i just finished my wrist exercises and i’m a bit tearful, now with laughter :laugh:

and no i wasnt but after 5 solid weeks of left hand training i am now :smiley:

Dearest LB Pooh sticks champion, we intend to colour the designated sticks tis weekend.

You and Alex will be informed by PM in advance. It will be soon so keep practising yer drops.

I am now what?

If it`s too personal, PM me. Or contact me at [email protected]

ambidextrous! :laugh:

You find my reply feverish (had to google febrile)? I’m confused now…

Please remember technically speaking I am an immigrant in this country :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad to see the biking enthusiasm, but this weekend, like the last four and the next four leave me too tied up (ooh err!) to make a rideout. Also good forward thinking to be testing the waterproofs after their winter lay off!

New reply,

Alba, breathless for you.

Serrisan, loverly boy, Im distacted cant remember what you said.

Zander, Mrs J has forbidden all riding on the 4th, so yer on yer own my son.:ermm:

So back to the main point, how has your arm affected your day to day life Alba?

Sorry all, forbidden to ride on the 4th of March due to the sneacky forbidden rideout rule.

See you soon.