sunday 30th october

Hi all

I would like to invite any one and every one who would like to join myself and (no post chicco) for a ride out to bognor on sunday 30th october we will meet at the ace and leave for bognor at 10.00am sharp with a few stops on the way so any one who is up for the ride please let us know

ps 10.00am sharp so make sure your there on time snap (mr pattel)

Alwite, i’ll be there but make it half 10 for me. Ta.

10.00am sharp !!!

Need permission from the boss as she was pissed about yesterdays run to box hill. There was me saying I just going to ace for 2 hours 6 hours later and I just get back to ace

Isn’t that when your pocket starts vibrating every few minutes and when you finally stop to fill up there are 782 messages asking if you’re still in one piece?

Yes Yes

Will be there, got no shop to worry about, nor do I have a missus who I need permission from!

be there

10 am

Crack of Dawnin - Yawnin


how fast d’u ride cos i dont wana hold u up

Generally I would be out but… I got a party to go to Saturday night and 10am Sunday is a no go, I’ll probably be going to bed around that time and I’ll be drunk to say the least… So riding isn’t the best thing really, lol! Sorry guys, have to give it a miss this week…


You’ve got nowt to worry about. You’ll easily be ahead of Brad on his dt125 and Mr Patel on his cb500.


I can only do 75mph tops with the wind behind me so we wont be going that fast


ooh that sounds like my kinda ride out! my top speed is about 105 max with the bike vibrating so much your arms and shoulders are numb and i barely (thrice so far) reach it i’m stil a baby in bike terms. if i’m not off road sun i’l see u @ the ace, 10 am

You better not be drunk on sunday morning because your going to the bike show

Damn, what time we actually setting off? I think I’ll have to sleep on the way there in the car, coz if we’re leaving about 7-8am I’m going to have to leave Jodie in bed by herself in the morning, lol! I’ll leave a note on the pillion for her when she wakes…



Setting off for 8am. Meet at Kevins. Non stop to the NEC.

If you want I can pick you up on my way to Kevins, as I will be coming from Northolt Station to the White Hart.

Let me know…

Hope to see you there pixie it will be nice to have some one there that cant go alot faster than me

im away at the NEC show saturday, & will be staying with family in milton keynes. if i get up early enough sunday, im coming

thanks brad!.

well, guess who didn’t know the clocks went back on saturday nite… was @ the ace at the designated time… thought everyone had changed their minds/got drunk/overslept… but no, just me havin a blonde moment (you’ll realise after a while i have quiet a few of these )

nuther time