Sunday 30th Mothering Sunday.

Ok who’s up for some B6047 action ?

probably not suitable for 125

meeting point will be some where north of London (still looking, could be Dunstable downs or Bedford though)

and don’t forget the clocks go forward on Saturday night, so it will be an early start.

Right 10 am at the Dunstable Downs car park ready to ride, full tanks anyway.

Cornerman will be used if needs must, if you don’t know how it works ask.

Not sure we will get a sunday roast as the pubs will be full with families for mothers day.

ride at your own pace, and enjoy the sunshine.

Exactly how early might we be thinking of here?

(We remembered a past Mother’s Day ride today, with that lunch at Kettering Weatherspoons, the first time we met you - happy days) :slight_smile:

10.00 oclock Dunstable downs, that’s what I’m thinking

Arrghh can’t do out with the Mrs and her mum it’s up my way too… Well actually it’s even north of me!

Mother’s day…who ever thought of that one :pinch:

Interested, and porb cannot be bothered to sort my own ride.

Very interested, not sure I’m fit enough thought :frowning:

**** it - my bike goes into PDQ on Saturday for god only knows and the downs is 1.5 miles away!!! :crying:

Take one of mine mate , they just gathering dust !

Yeah right, you’d never get the 1098 back!:smiley: At least you’ve got a pass for wales :wink:

Take Dawns :slight_smile:

Needs tyres still!!

No the scooter :smiley:

Strange usage of the word ‘early’ I’ve not come across before. :Whistling:

Could you pinpoint meet-up for my google maps please. Don’t know area.
Really looking forward to this. Full day pass authorised. :w00t:

big car park NOT THE Gateway centre,-0.536281&hl=en&ll=51.864779,-0.527344&spn=0.028992,0.084543&sll=51.867045,-0.535251&sspn=0.001812,0.007328&mra=mift&mrsp=1&sz=18&t=m&z=14

I`ll be there for this one mate. long time no see and that road is one of me faves. :slight_smile:

Be good to see you .

steveCBR11XX (29/03/2014)

big car park NOT THE Gateway centre,-0.536281&hl=en&ll=51.864779,-0.527344&spn=0.028992,0.084543&sll=51.867045,-0.535251&sspn=0.001812,0.007328&mra=mift&mrsp=1&sz=18&t=m&z=14[/quote]

Thanks for that Steve, couldn’t of done it better myself. you coming?

Nah Mothers day n family duties really need get bike out

Looks like I have competition. :stuck_out_tongue:

Picked a glorious day, pity I haven’t got a bike back on the road, yet…will do soon, though. :cool: