Sunday 2nd November.

We will be leaving the Ace around 10am for a Mystery tour rideout.

Big prizes for correct guesses where we`re going!

Take a risk, ride on the dark side with Jetstream, youll only know if youre there.:slight_smile:

hi there, completely depending on the weather, I might be brave enough to venture out one more time. I will be in touch on Saturday though to let you know if I am coming.

I’ll be there if it’s sunny.

Come on Joby, you can do better than that! How about “I’ll be there as long as it isn’t p***ing down with rain”? (A bit of cloud never hurt anybody):slight_smile:

I should be up for this one… Mr Jetstream :smiley:

Look forward to seeing you again Gary:)

Saturday and Sunday huh? I think I’ve spotted why you are running though back tyres like other people go through toilet paper … :slight_smile: I may join on Sunday.

Look forward to seeing you. We always go out Sat & Sun - only recently we started inviting you lot:)

That’s good info - I will now know where to look if I want biking company at the weekends (that is when I am here and not entertaining friends or drunk!)


will it be an all dAY ride ? just brought my self a new toy so would be good to get some miles under my belt

Yes, we always say we will get back by dark but don’t always manage it:) Just working the route out - should be about 150 - 200 miles

Hi Jetstream - think I’ll try and get along to this one, got plans Saturday and might try and pick up a new tyre for Sunday as well! :smiley:

Look forward to seeing you :slight_smile:

Dont be put off by todays weather! Youll need your sunglasses for the route we`ve got planned ( it may be miseley at the Ace but our route is forecast for light cloud and SUNSHINE!)

Leaving 10.00am PROMPT ( Angela this means you, leave your mobile at home!)

North Circ then miles of glorious B roads all the way to our secret destination:)

Mostly A roads and fast dual carriageways on the way home (no faster than the B roads on the outward leg:P) Promise to be back after dark:cool:

Lunch in a charming riverside pub.

Miss this ride out at your peril, youre off our Christmas list if you dont come.

Love and cuddles to those who make it Chris and Julie xx

If the weather is nice (yeah I know) I might come along seeing as I live so close to the Ace. Have a radio show at 3pm so might have to bail early but would welcome the day out.

I’m still a pretty novice rider so slowly building my corner speed up, sounds like this may offer plenty of practice.

Yes the weather forecast is good but where do you need to be at 3 pm? You may have to bail out well before we get there:)

What is the radio programme about? We may be able to add some fun to it, if the mystery man “Jigsaw” rises to our challenge and attends, but we won’t turn you into a RossBrand on purpose:)

I may be up for this, i wont be able to stay out all day though cause ive gota get back for around 3pm(i live in wimbish, its not far from finchingfield) so i can get my kit and then head over to aldershot.

What are the B roads like? I ride a moto so dont fancy too many big open roads

The weather doesnt bother me, i’ll ride in anything. If it is raining heavy though are you still gona do it? Dont fancy riding all the way down to there to find out you’ve all sacked it

All, enjoy the ride out, be safe. I’m not going to make this one today.

just cheaking in to make sure the mystery ride is going ahead as i have to travel a good 5 mins to the ace cafe :smiley: