Sunday 29th new to big bike and 125 friendly ride out

Benefit given

took me around 45 minutes, quite pleased with that to be honest.

Could’ve done that on my 125 :Whistling:

your not allowed on the motorway. cheeky bugger!

Cheers Lads and Lass…

Our mission was to infiltrate the Departure Lounge Cafe at alton

We Succeeded without mishap

Was good to see Hogtrumpet out again

Was great to meet Shaun… Him on the green triple :stuck_out_tongue: … Alfie from next door

And thanks to Shaun for Tailgunning there and for The ever lovely Janey for adding extra glamour to the Rear on the return leg

We took in the Pirbright Bends which i am saddened to say are no longer an exciting road ( well the section that heads upto Mytchett ) as they have made it a 30mph section !!! through the best bits …wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Then through Farnborough … hmm my sat nav had issues on that section and hopefully i got away with the fookedy fook moments of circumnavigating it .

And then down to the a339 …zooom zoom zoom

Cafe was good as always and can recommend the omlette as a filling meal.

Return was through Odiham and then straight up the a30 and back to the ace just as it was starting to spit with rain

Who knows i may get round to doing somemore rideouts …

Cheers folks

Good to meet some new faces! Thanks for organising and the tailers!

Apologies for the swift departure at the a40. I had to be back at work urgently. Thankfully I was on a bike!


Just so people got a visual of the route we took.

Part 1 29.6 miles 1 hour 5 minutes

Part 2: 33 miles 1 Hour 9 Minutes

Way back: 47.8 Miles 1 Hour 24 Minutes (Maybe add a bit of time since i was in a rush on the last A40 section here, hence the red! :Whistling::Whistling:

Great! :w00t: I was biting my nails off that I didn’t turn on my phone tracking app- really wanted to see on the map the route we took… :cool:

Nevertheless, not making the same mistake again :wink: Thanks, AlfieT!!!

Nice one- what app do you use to log the rides?

I personally use My Tracks (but that is on Android), and it is reasonably good- shows all data (top, average speeds), also your tracks are marked in colour (regarding speed)… Although I think there are loads of other apps, that do the same or even more…

If you have Android and a Google account linked. You can check your location history here:

Ive got a scorpio ride module.