Sunday 29th new to big bike and 125 friendly ride out

Right as there are a few rideouts I will add to the confusion …
none suit my needs either in departure time or locations
Depart ace cafe 10.30am
Reasonable paced but no pressure to keep up
heading depends on my mood … its either northwest or southwest .duration shouldn’t exceed 120 miles round trip
er er thats it …

Damn you and your alternative offerings! Just when I thought that, for once, I almost knew what I was doing… :crazy:

Why not come with us? I think were planning a trip to box hill?

Too late In reality for my needs …cheers though

Fair enough, have a food run! Green lights and empty roads!

10:30 is a better start time for me than the other 2pm ride so I am in.

I can guarantee no ice this time

where abouts are you heading initially? i might tag along for the first bit then head back to ride with crookzy

10.30 am ace cafe- sounds great! If nothing changes, I think I will join You guys for my first ride out! Of course, if you are taking newbies with you :smiley: :Whistling:

Looks like im being swarmed by a bunch of triumphs lol … newbies welcome
For those that not met me etc my bike is blue kawasaki gtr1000 poppy on screen normally parked by the bins … or is it they tend to think theres one skip there we will leave the others there too ?
myself has a white nitro flip front helmet …well thats what I wear .
jacket depends on the weather …

Wish I could join you on this one but made plans for Sunday already… Enjoy the sun! Or lack thereof.

I fancy a ride today, will it be the 9.30, 10.30 or 11.00 departure from the Ace.:slight_smile:

Sun is out …roads drying off …its Sunday so time to play me thinks

There’s a 14.00 too, get your finger out and you’ll probably be able to manage at least three of them

Long night! Just getting geared up and heading down!

Great ride out today- thanks to Tim for leading and Janey and Shaun for tail gunning.
Let’s hope for many more like it.

165 door-to-door miles.

Home, fed, hoovering and laundry done already :D.

Cheers Tim for leading, Shaun (I’ll be there in twenty minutes, honest…) for tailgunner duties and the rest of yous lot for another grand day out.

Oh dear, seems as if he makes a habit of keeping the ladies waiting :ermm:

i only kept 1 waiting as it turns out i told crookzy i would be at the ace, from Basingstoke in 20 minutes…didnt do too bad tbh!

Thanks everyone for the first ride-out! Was great experience, nice roads, awesome people to tag along!

Hey, Shaun, so how long did it take to get back? :smiley: